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5 WhatsApp Tricks to make the chat app more Secure

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Are you concerned about the privacy and safety of online chat apps Like WhatsApp? Here we bring the 5 tips and tricks you can follow to make it more secure and private. As we all know WhatsApp is the most downloaded and reliable chat app over the globe and almost people use this app for fast data transfer and written communication. The Facebook Owned messaging app always launch news features and keep it updated regularly to win the race of best chat app.

To keep the information and chat privately between two people the app already accompanied with end-to-end encryption, billions of users using this feature to ensure the privacy of the conversation on WhatsApp. Apart from the end-to-end encryption, there are many other steps you can follow to enhance your security and privacy on the app:

5 WhatsApp Tricks to make the chat app more Secure
5 WhatsApp Tricks to make the chat app more Secure

WhatsApp Tips to ensure security and privacy  of chat app

Enable two-factor authentication

There is an option you can see in the latest version of WhatsApp called two-factor authentication. You can use this feature to improve the security of your WhatsApp acc. This is the optional features for users, you can enable or disable two-factor authentication. If you enabled the two-factor authentication, it will create a six-digit code for you that is required at the time of verification of mobile no. on WhatsApp, So if anyone will try to verify the phone no. on WhatsApp, it will required that six-digit code which is created by the user.

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Verify WhatsApp security code

WhatsApp Security code is another way for the Encrypted chat. Every chat app has its own security code. This security code change when you install/uninstall the app or change your phone no. The Security code needs to be verified by the user’s phone no. or the photo of the security code. As the security code will be changed you will get a notification on the chat app.

Disable WhatsApp’s cloud backup

As we all knows Whatsapp take the backup of all our chat, media files, photos and videos in Google Drive or iCloud. the bad thing about these backs is that it is not encrypted. So you can disable these backup to ensure the privacy of data and stop saving data in the cloud. By doing this all your data will not upload on iCloud and you will be safe.

Stop downloading third party versions of WhatsApp

There is a lot of alternative third party version of WhatsApp available online to download like GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus and so many, So avoid to use these version of the app. These third-party versions violate your security and privacy, WhatsApp also getting banned user downloading these third-party apps. Using such third-party apps means losing your privacy and giving access to malicious users.

Control your WhastApp privacy

Apart from the above trciks you also need to take care of your privacy on your own. Use the Privacy option given in the app as hiding saw, status privacy, disable blue ticks and many other security options. As you will start to use these privacy setting options, you would be able to maintain your privacy at the best.

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Wrap Up

So stop worrying about the Privacy concern while chatting on WhatsApp, jus follows the above steps to make your chat more secure and private.


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