Best Battery Saver App for Android Smartphones

Battery Saver App
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Top 3 Battery Saver App for Smartphones

Battery saver app

Today, Android smartphones are equipped with large batteries. But larger batteries are also faced with heavy usage apps, hardcore gaming, and apps running in the background. The result? The battery drains faster than normal making the bigger battery size irrelevant. The battery also depends on your usage pattern since every smartphone user has different usage patterns. Battery saver apps can save the day if you’re bothered by the low battery life of your smartphone. Let’s go through the best battery saver Android apps that you can download from the Google Play store right now.

Kaspersky Battery Life: Saver & Booster

Kaspersky is one of the top companies in the security of computing devices. Kaspersky’s Battery Life app is A top-rated battery saver app for Android phones on Google Play Store. This app will look out for other apps that are consuming more battery than usual and notify you about the drainers by asking if you want to halt the application. It also keeps a watch on the apps running in the background and ensures that no app drains too much juice.


AccuBattery is a battery optimization app offered by Digibites for Android phones. This app helps monitor battery health and performance using science. This app measures actual battery capacity based on science. It pushes a charging alarm whenever your mobile device battery needs charging and also calculates and displays how much battery wear was endured during the last charging session. It also shows each individual app’s battery consumption and the rate of discharge.

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Greenify is another popular battery saver app for Android phones. This app has the capability to stop apps from opening automatically in the background and draining battery juice.

Greenify comes with in-app engines like Aggressive Doze and Doze on the Go. These help significantly improve battery and device performance. The best part? You can access and enable these in-app engines without having root access to your device!