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Create First game on Roblox: Quick guide to secure place on Roblox

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Are you looking for a complete guide to make your first game on Roblox and securing it too? If yes you are lucky to land here. Creating your own world and then playing into it really feels different. and the answer here is Roblox! The report says, Roblox is the second-largest game on the app store. Roblox gives a basic platform to build your own games, MeepCity and Jailbreak are some good examples of what you can create using the amazing platform. Today here I am going to discuss how you can create your first game on Roblox. 

Roblox game is available for Android, iOS, Windows pc, Tablets, Xbox One, PS4, and Amazon Devices too. It offers a space of unlimited creativity for the players. In February 2019, 80 million people played Roblox each month. Teenagers are making million dollars by this platform, is it an earning source too? Scroll down to know more.

How to create your First Game on Roblox?

Roblox Studio is a primary interface wherein you can build your dream games. Build your own game and your own Empire to play and to Win. Here comes the introduction to Roblox Studio.

Starting the Game

  • When you first open up the Roblox Studio, you will see many basic game templates. These are Obby, Baseplate, Flat Terrain, Village, Castle, City, Western And many more.
  • Choose one Template form all of the above and start imposing your own imagination on it.
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Here Today I am going to build a world taking “Obby” template. Obby is a very basic, simple and easy to learn template. It contains 3D obstacle courses that players have to travel by running and jumping to dodge hazards and other regions of the level. They’re like platformers in the vein of Mario and Sonic.

Create First game on Roblox: Quick guide to secure place on Roblox
Start the first game on Roblox

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Obby Template looks like as shown in the image above. So this is where you have to Start. If you have the basic idea of Drag and Rop things into the screen, then it will be much easier for you to design the game. But if you do not have, don’t worry read below.

If you see the image, in the center of the image there is a game environment. On the left side, there are objects that you can click on and drag to the game environment. At the above of the game environment, there is a bar that contains all the tools such as select, move, scale, etc that you are going to use while building the game.

Remember, this is a template that means you have a start and endpoint. Try not to be too overwhelmed.

So what you want to do? Let us change the sky lighting by changing the time of the day.

  • On the right side of the image shown above. You will see the heading Lighting. When you click on it, it will open the “properties” tab, “Lighting” with a group of numbers in it. Now Go down to the Data section below where time is mentioned with the front words “TimeOfDay”. Remember, this time is always in military time, so convert it into the 24-hour format. Now set the time according to your wish. Like I set the time to 01:30:00 in the game, so it reflected night sky with bright twinkling stars and moon.
  • Now move to Game environment Menu again.
  • Click on floating squares
  • You can change the colors too by going to the color section. Build and create anything you want.
  • I would suggest you try a lot before finishing. It would surely be full of fun and challenging too.
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Finishing the Game

Now if you think your platform is ready and you can publish the game. Click File, then “Publish to Roblox” to start the process.

Then Give an attractive name to your game, add a game description telling the players a little about the game.

Set up everything and Go!

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Final Words

Hey friends, this is the full-fleshed guide to create your first game on Roblox. I think now you can easily try making games on this wonderful platform and make money too. This article contains a basic introduction to game making. For more, please go to the official website or refer to the video below. Roblox, undoubtedly, the largest online gaming platform and the reason behind its success is its flexible nature.

I hope you would like this guide, share with your friends too and create games together.

Thank you!!

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