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Staying focused is the most demanding aspect of studying. It can always be a bit difficult, considering that the subject may not be of your interest. But there are other things that make studying a tough thing nowadays – digitalization. Constant access to the Internet makes us distracted.  Since the Internet became an inseparable part of our everyday life, an enormous amount of studies have been conducted pointing out various positive i.e. Meditation Apps and negative aspects it has on our learning capabilities. Yes, you have access to all information at your fingertips, but staying focused is difficult. The majority of those studies point out the following negative aspects:

  • insufficient teaching/learning methods;
  • misguidance due to wrong information;
  • a vast array of opportunities for cheating;
  • disconnection from the real world.

While you can argue with certain points, it’s hard to dismiss the fact that the Internet provides you with many opportunities for cheating and is a source of distraction. Just remember when was the last time you had to pay someone to write essay for me, as each time you were to do it, you ended up browsing pointlessly through various sites. 

But there is a silver lining: meditation apps that can help you concentrate. You can start from those on our list. 


Whenever you google meditation apps, Calm surely will pop up. As of now, it’s one of the most popular applications of its kind. Since its release in 2012, the app has been downloaded more than 40 million times worldwide. The app not only offers you meditation but also sleep and relaxation. And there’s a workplace plan that employees can benefit from.

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Calm boasts a wide range of features. The most notable one is a meditation guide, which includes a 30-day course for you to feel refreshed and more focused. That’s intended for beginners. The meditations serve different purposes, like increasing concentration, training your mind, and reducing anxiety. 

There’s sleep stories feature – a set of relaxing bedtime stories narrated by celebrities, including Stephen Fry and Laura Dern. And there’s a library of music that corresponds to your needs.

Some may need a personal coach to reach certain goals and improve their daily life. But a personal coach is expensive, especially for students. Luckily, there is an alternative: you can get a personal coach on your smartphone for an affordable price. That’s what the app is providing you with. The application allows you to set your goals and work on a daily basis to achieve them. 

Thanks to the habit tracker, you can choose a new habit and monitor your progress. For instance, set weekly targets and track whether you’ve met them. The application also allows its users to get advice from professional coaches. For some extra fee, you can arrange video calls with coaches to discuss your concerns and get helpful directions. 

But even without contacting coaches, you can get advice from the community. It works round the clock to provide you with all the support you need to achieve mindfulness and productivity. And the objectives you can set vary from being more productive in any sphere to saving money and beating addictions. 


If you want to boost your mental health, Happify is your ultimate choice. Thanks to the science-backed methods, the application helps you become more satisfied with your life. To get started, you need to answer a set of questions that are designed to determine your happiness score. After that, the app will offer activities aimed at increasing your score. 

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The Happify app provides its users with over three thousand science-backed activities and games to improve their satisfaction with life. There are more than three hundred relaxation and meditation guides beneficial for your mental health. And you can track the progress you’ve achieved. 

Aside from all the above-mentioned features, you can subscribe to the Happify Daily. It’s a newsletter with inspirational stories. As a subscriber, you are going to receive such stories in your inbox on a daily basis. Reading them allows users to avoid feeling down and get inspired to move forward in their improvements. 

The application surely won’t overshadow Calm’s popularity, but it is available in more than 170 countries. The Happify app is available in around twenty languages. And you can always get support from the Happify community in the language that you choose upon registration. 


Headspace is an application that reminds Calm. It has a vast array of features to meditate, relax, and improve sleep. But, unlike Calm, the main focus of Headspace is meditation. The application provides you with everything you need to start and maintain this practice. 

For example, beginner’s meditation will help you learn the basics. But you can opt for the specialized meditations for studying, working, stress and anxiety calming, focusing, sleeping, and so on. And the app offers something for those who refuse to meditate and consider the practice too time-consuming. 

There’s a wonderful set of short meditations and mental exercises that you can complete while jogging, cooking, or cleaning. Headspace also includes a set of short morning meditations that can help you start the day in the right mood. 

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And if you want to dig deeper into meditation techniques, Headspace will work just fine. The application has an impressive library of articles on various types of meditation. Of course, Headspace cannot make you a meditation expert, but it definitely brings you closer to becoming a personal coach yourself. 

Final Thoughts

The article can go on forever: it’s impossible to list all the meditation apps out there. But those four we picked are quite good both for beginners and advanced meditators. Even if you don’t want to become a meditation expert, those apps will surely help you stay more focused when studying. Hopefully, one of them will become your favorite. Good luck!

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