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Is it worth to buy eFootball PES 2020? Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 Review

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As, you all know, the battle is going on between the two most-popular soccer games ever, The FIFA and THE PES 2020! Both are released in the previous month but PES goes upper-hand as it was released before FIFA on September 10, 2019. The greatest rivalry on the game has returned! This year, Pro Evo runs by another name of eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020, though most fans are saying it as PES 2020.

 Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 Review
Is it worth to buy eFootball PES 2020?

PES 2020 Review

Konami has made many changes to the game. Compared to their previous releases, efootball PES 2020 looks and feels has now far more refined and attractive. Moreover, the addition of a new camera called “stadium”, makes player movement very closer to real touch. The camera angle helps lots, giving the player a much wider view of the pitch for those cross-wing lobs. In PEs2020, the positioning and spacing are considered more than any other criteria and this does wonder to the game. When you first start the game, you will find it a little slow but as soon as the layer enters into the field the speed accelerates.

More spacing gives an advantage to the opponent too but will be better for you. The way your team is taking the position in full space allows you to make a goal. Spaces also give you room to take them one-on-one or press. Top players like Mbappe or Bale plunge in deeper to assist in a change of speed and then hold. The all-new Finesse Dribble system gives for improved ways of action during those tense one-on-one situations. Subtle right-stick flicks turn to quick and decisive movements making them a joy to execute.

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The Shoot and pass accuracy in the game has changed immensely. The player’s position has an impact on the shot and passes accuracy whether it be posture, dominant foot, and mounting defensive pressure. If you attempt a shot at half volley lobs then you might face a win or lose situation. Either you can succeed spectacularly or fail miserably depending on incoming ball speed, player position, skill level, and defensive blocks. New changes to the game allow for AI teammates to spread out giving skilled dribblers more room to maneuver and create opportunities.

Matchday Mode is something new that has added to the game. In this mode, you and supporters from around the globe help your team to glory one match at a time. Konami chooses an important match or derby game each week and players can then decide which team they want to support on Matchday. One big change comes to Master League: interactive cut scenes aid for better career mode narrative. Player changes don’t seem to affect the team as much except in form, so there’s definitely room for improvement there. However, this feels like a fresh approach. There are still hints of ginormous triple-digit amounts paid by teams for players they don’t really need. For example, splurging on a player much older in the game won’t stop the AI from bidding a triple-digit figure. This makes the Master League a bit redundant.

Final words…

So, overall I would say that, hopefully, the game will be a hit in the future and will break some stereotypes too. Now, it is purely your choice on the game. PES2020 has made some revolutionary changes. eFootball PES 2020 is a great soccer game that’s beginning to squeak. Its on-the-pitch gameplay remains superb, but everything off of it feels harder to look past. FIFA’s fan following has undoubtedly higher than PES and FIFA 20 has gaines significant popularity in just one month. Here’s hoping for a next-gen shake-up. The new camera is amazing, and the new model changes the game in all ways. I hope you would like the article. Share your feedback.

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