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5 Best Free Games for Xbox (Must Download)

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After spending a huge amount on Xbox gaming console don’t you want to buy expensive games to play? Hmm..folks you don’t need to go for costly video games as there are plenty of free games for Xbox. Doesn’t matter you want to play a massive multiplayer game or looking for a solo one, Xbox store is flooded with great free to play titles. But it may be daunting to choose the best ones out there so don’t be confused as we are here to suggest you the best Xbox free games.

Just go through the post and reveal the free Xbox games to save your bucks and to utilize your spare hours.

5 Best Free Games for Xbox (Must Download)
Xbox free games 2019

5 best free games for Xbox

1.Fortnite Battle Royale

Willing to experience a PUBG like a scenario but not ready to pay then Fortnite is for you and it is free on Xbox. With the same game mechanism, gameplay and weapon system this game is available in 4K to play on Xbox X. You will be dropped on an island with other 99 players and you have to fight for your triumph. If you get successful to be the lone player on the island then you would be the winner. Please consider that you need to pay for in-game purchases.

2.Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter was launched in 2015 for smartphones but if you own an Xbox One then you are lucky enough as you can enjoy it for free right from your couch. You have to keep the people alive in this game and for it, you would provide them food, water, and other necessary things. Being the master you would provide them shelters and also give them missions to complete. Basically it is the life simulating game where you have to survive among monsters and looters. Fallout Shelter is one of the best free games for Xbox but to buy outfits, settlers and other gaming items you need to pay your real money.

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With a sci-fi environment, Wraframe is the online Co-op RPG shooting game and for Xbox consoles, most of its gameplay is free to play. If you want to kick the ass of various space ninjas in the incredible sci-fi premises then it is the must-play game on Xbox. Warframe offers you constant missions and events so that you will get occupied in the game for several hours. A wide array of guns, swords, and bows this game stands out among the mob. Pluto, Moon and many more maps are available to enjoy your several hours in cutting and slicing foes. Though Warframe is free to play on Xbox for additional armors, power packs and gaming currency you have to give burden on your pocket.

4.DC Universe Online

Hey, comics lovers I have great news for you, DC Universe Online will facilitate you to live in a fantasy era of DC Comics Universe. The game is loaded with numerous power and appearance choices with which you can form your character. All depends on you whether you want to become a hero or a villain. After creating your avatar you have the opportunity to pass it with the great storyline where you communicate with other icons like Superman and Batman. In the initial years, the game developers were focusing on PS3 and PS4 but now you can witness it on Xbox One absolutely free. In-game currency to buy different upgrades require money.

5.World of Tanks

We are going to reveal our next game in our list of best free games for Xbox and it is for online multiplayer game lovers. It is a massive tank simulation game where you have the chance to engage in 15v15 panzer combats. Containing more than 400 vehicles and game types this game can engage you for plenty of hours. Nevertheless, World of Tanks comes with 80+ maps with different weather and terrain effects to give heights to your combating. If you own an Xbox X then the game supports full 4K for you. Like other free titles for Xbox, you have to spend money on gaming currency, gears, and vehicles.

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Before you go…

Play Station and Xbox both gaming consoles grabbed the huge attention of gamers across the world and if you own an Xbox then this post would be beneficial for you. Here you came across the best free games for Xbox that contain in-app purchases. I hope you enjoyed the post and if you found it informative then do share with your family and friends who bought Xbox too.

Still, any confusion regarding Xbox free games 2019 then comments below to satisfy your query. Stay connected and keep reading for getting into touch with the latest happenings about technology, finance, sports, and entertainment.

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