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Fubo tv vs Youtube tv vs Sling Tv: which one is best for live streaming

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When it comes to sports streaming, top three streaming comes in our mind named Fubo TV, Youtube TV and Sling TV. All three sports streaming services have a great collection of live sports channels to provide you with the live streaming of any sports including football, cricket, Tennis, WWE or any other sport. All three services are paid, you will have to pay a monthly subscription to get access to these sports streaming services which starts from $25 to $55. Here in this article, we are going to give you a brief description of all three sports streamings services, so that you can choose the best one as per your streaming requirement and budget.

So let’s start to find ou the difference between Fubo tv vs Youtube tv vs Sling Tv and decide which one is best for live streaming.

Fubo tv vs Youtube tv vs Sling Tv: best for live streaming
Fubo tv vs Youtube tv vs Sling Tv

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YouTube TV

$49.99 per month

YouTube TV is one of the best streaming services which is giving a tough fight to Fubo TV when it comes to streaming any sport.  YouTube TV offers an excellent selection of live sports channels, including CBS Sports Network, several ESPN Channels, FS1, FS2, Golf Channel, MLB Network, NBA TV, Olympic Channel, and Tennis Channel. All these channels you will get in the basic monthly plan which cost $49.99 per month. By paying an extra monthly fee you can get access to the other channels which includes Fox Soccer Plus ($15 per month) and NBA League Pass ($39.99 per month) add-ons.

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Here you need to know one thing, you can not stream the International channels or NFL networks because YouTube Tv does not support the international streaming networks. Apart from the sports channels YouTube Tv also provide the news and entertainment facility, you can watch movies and other news stuff on YouTube TV. The services have a good collection of news and entertainment channels.

the best thing about YouTube Tv is that you can stream upto three devices simultaneously on a single account by six users, So you can share your account login details to your close ones and stream unlimited stuff. Apart from this, the service provides you with the unlimited storage space to keeps your recording upto nine months.

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$54.99 per month

FuboTV is the specially designed service for sports streaming lovers. This is one of the best sports streaming services for the sports fan, The services support a great no. of sports channels including with national sports events like CBS, FOX, Golf Channel, NBA TV, NBC, NFL Network, TBS, and TNT. For international sports streaming Fubo Tv looks best because it supports multiple international sports channels which include beIN Sports, Fox Deportes, GOL TV, and TUDN.

Apart from the national and international sports events the fuboTV also offers a wide range of regional sports networks like MSG, SNY, and YES are available in New York City. For international sports, fuboTV is likely one of your best options. Like other streaming services Fubo Tv is not limited upto sports, it also offers the good no. of entertainment and news channels, Recently the service added the Viacom and Discovery channels, You can stream tv show and movies on demand.

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You can store the 30 hours of content in the DVR which will be keep recorded for forever. You can extend the storage capacity by paying $9.99 extra.  You can connect Fubo TV with devices like fire tv, roku, apple tv, android, IOS or web. You can run Fubo TV on two devices simultaneously.

Sling TV

$25 per month

Sling TV is the third sports alternatives service you can consider for the good streaming experience. However, Sling Tv is quite cheaper in comparison to YouTube tv and Fubo Tv but still good for fast streaming. The Sling TV has two plans Orange and Blue plan (both cost $25 per month). In orange plan, you can get coverage on  ESPN channels and in the blue plan get access to NFL Network and NBC Sports channels.

To get access to all the sports channels of blue and orange plan you will have to buy both plans. To get coverage on the international sports channels like beIN Sports, ESPN U, Golf Channel, MLB Network, NBA TV, and NHL Network, you will have to pay extra $10 per month.

When it comes to supporting the multiple devices, There is the difference between the orange and blue plans, the Sling tv orange plans support online one device while in the blue plan you can stream on up to three devices simultaneously. If you buy both blue and orange plan, then you can stream on up to four devices simultaneously.

By paying $5 extra per month you can record up to 50 hours of content on DVR which is more than the Fubo Tv which is only 30-hour content. You can connect sling tv with your android, ios devices, on web or on Xbox gaming console. The Sling tv does not support to PlayStation console.

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Final Words

After discussing the three sports-based streaming services we can say Fubo Tv seems best to buy because it offers unlimited access to regional. national and international sports networks that you missed on YouTube Tv. The Fubo Tv also support the maximum no. of devices to stream on a single plan by using maximum no. of accounts. Sling Tv look s cheaper but it is not, to stream all the sports channels you have to buy both blue and orange plan of sling tv which costs $50 and extra 10$ to get access to international channels, so it’s better to buy Fubo Tv without struggling with the multiple plans.

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