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Best 5 Verified Ways to Get Free iTunes Gift Cards and Codes

Want to access premium music, apps, and games on your iPhone, iPad, and MAC? Don’t have enough money to purchase? What will you do then? No worries folks you can enjoy iTunes stuff free of cost with free iTunes gift cards but the question is how to get iTunes gift cards for free. To answer this question we are here with our guide “best 5 verified ways to get iTunes gift cards and codes without any cost.

For every Apple user iTunes gift cards worth a lot because they can make purchases from the iTunes store with these codes. If you purchase iTunes codes from Apple site then you have to pay for them but for those who don’t want to pay their hard-earned bucks for iTunes codes, there are various methods exist to access them free. For your ease, we have done intensive research and discovered the legitimate ways to earn free iTunes gift cards.

So let’s start the post and reveal the best methods to get iTunes gift cards for free.

Best 5 Verified Ways to Get Free iTunes Gift Cards and Codes
Earn free iTunes gift cards and codes legally

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5 verified ways to get free iTunes gift cards and codes (100% working ways)

When I search for free iTunes Gift codes and cards then I came across the multiple sites claiming to offer iTunes codes with a single penny. Some of them were gift card code generator sites and required our email ID, credit card information and other sensitive information. I tried but in return, I got nothing and believe me all such sites are a scam and can steal our private data to put viruses in our system.

I was really disappointed and then I did more research and this time I found something interesting that really worth to try. So here are the methods that I have discovered to earn free iTunes gift cards and codes:

1)Go for online survey sites

One of the best ways to earn free gift cards and codes for different platforms including iTunes is to register yourself with online survey sites. It is really simple to earn cash and gift cards with these GPT sites and you don’t need to take the extra burden. By watching videos, giving your opinion, playing games, shopping online, and finishing surveys these sites offer you points and you can convert your reward points into multiple gift cards or in cash via Paypal.

Swagbucks, Grab Points, Survey Junkie, Inbox Dollar, Prize Rebel, and many more GPT sites exist over the internet and you can get connected with such sites to earn iTunes gift cards without spending a single cent.

2)Via iTunes Reward Website

You would definitely think that iTunes Reward Website is a part of the official iTunes store but it is not. But believe me, it is also one of the great and legal methods to earn Itunes gift cards for free. Like other GPT sites on this site, you need to complete different tasks like surveys, downloading apps, etc to get points. Then you can redeem those points into iTunes gift cards. 1000 points equal to $10 iTunes gift cards.

3) Get through social media platforms

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram are the most reliable ways to get connected and the following someone. And here you can also follow iTunes gift cards companies in order to grab iTunes gift cards for free.

Such companies organize competitions online and reward the winner with iTunes gift cards. Some times these sites ask to follow their social media channels and in return, you get iTunes gift cards. cashstar, firstdata, ngc-group and qwikcilver are few companies to which you can follow on social media to take benefit of their offers.

4)Get cashback via apps

Did you ever imagine that you get cashback after buying your favorite stuff? Yes, you can but if you buy via certain apps. The Internet is overwhelmed with the apps that offer you cash back after your purchases. One of the best apps among them are Ibotta and Ebates that give you money when you purchase grocery items and food from your nearby stores.

All depends on you whether you want to use your cash for free iTunes gift cards and codes or want to buy other gift cards. Isn’t amazing!

5)Via promoting products online

In this online era, most of us used to shop online and before purchasing we check reviews of others. And there are many organizations that offer you cash if you promote their products or subscribe to their newsletters. It may be really time-consuming for you to search for such organizations online but if you get successful then you will get a fair amount for reviewing their products.

Not only cash but also you get paid with iTunes gift cards and codes for product promotion. But before getting engaged with such firms you need to check their authenticity and also be concerned about your sensitive information.

Stay away from free iTunes code generator

I know very well when you have searched for free iTunes gift cards and codes then you encountered many iTunes code generator sites. Many of us get fooled and jump over such sites to take instant benefits. When we go through such generator sites they ask for a human verification procedure where you have to give your email address and other private data. In fact, you don’t get anything and such sites sell your data to the advertisers.

So, please beware of such sites if you want to stay safe online. Go for legitimate ways to earn iTunes gift cards and codes.

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Bottom Lines

These are the proven ways to get free iTunes gift cards and codes and I think now you are ready to start your hunt for the same. After trying these tricks you would definitely get successful to earn iTunes gift cards without spending your real money.

If you have any other way to earn iTunes gift cards and codes then please share your trick with us. Also, share your feedback if the above-mentioned tips work for you. In case of any query don’t be hesitate to ask by commenting below.

Thank you!

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