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How does movie piracy affecting the film makers and industry

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Movie Piracy may be fun for you, but its a crime. Piracy doesn’t only affect one or two but as a whole the economy of the country too. This will be our topic of discussion today. Watching movies at a low cost is beneficial for you, but do you know how it’s hurting the movie makers and artists? the artists and moviemakers spend a lot of time producing the best entertainment package for you but what do you do? Stealing someone’s creation at Zero cost! 

According to Forbes Magazine, one of the action movies was leaked to “pirates” 3 weeks before its actual official release. It, thus, leads to 70 million illegal viewings and a loss of $100 million in revenues. Despite large growth of online streaming and cheaper packs in recent years, moviemakers are still harmed by piracy. “Last year, in the United States solely, an estimated 98o million pirated movies and TV shows were downloaded.” Movie piracy is not only affecting the directors and producers but the whole staff including, carpenters, electricians, spot boy, cameraman, etc. And remember, it is affecting you as well. Scroll down to know more.

How does movie piracy affecting the film makers and industry
movie piracy

How Movie Piracy is affecting you?

  1. You may face Slow internet speed because someone else or you yourself are sharing illegal files over the internet. The illegal uploading and downloading of copyright material take about 24% of the bandwidth.
  2. Your system may be at a risk. If you search for illegal content, the web crawler tracks your history and you may then receive emails from the people who do piracy. This puts down your system to risk and virus, malware or maybe ransomware will enter your system.
  3. In America, the film industry is responsible for around 2 million jobs. and if piracy has not come to end, these 2 million people will be unemployed then. And local businesses that promote the industry earned $43 billion every year. If piracy reduces the number of films made, the economic effects will be felt in filmmaking countries around the world.
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How movie Piracy is affecting the overall revenue?

  • Piracy is the greatest threat to the US motion picture industry. In 2004, The MPA approved a study to provide an accurate and comprehensive evaluation of the film industry all over the world showing the losses to piracy and the demographic profile of those who are responsible for piracy. The result of the survey is very detailed showing how it is affecting the internet speed, a person’s privacy, cost of piracy and much more.
  • US motion picture studios lost about $6.1 billion in 2005 because of piracy worldwide. Out of the total, 80% is due to piracy across the boundaries and 20% from the US itself.
  • 62% of 6.1 billion dollar loss occurs from piracy of hard goods such as DVD and rest 38% from internet piracy.
  • Piracy rates are highest in China, 90%.
  • The motion picture industry worldwide had a loss of $19.2 billion in the year 2005.

Where the piracy rates are higher?

China, with 90% of piracy, comes on the top of the list if piracy is considered following Russia and Thailand with 79%. The piracy rate in the US is 7% but see how much it is affecting the country.

Movie piracy 1

Dollars Lost in the international market?

The markets where the dollars lost are most eminent are Mexico, the UK, and France. These developed markets deliver greater income to the U.S. motion picture industry than still emerging markets such as China and Russia. Restricted access to the China market inappropriate borders potential legitimate incomes as well.

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Movie Piracy

Piracy according to gender, age group, and Geography?

According to the age groups, people come in age between 16 to 24 are highly responsible for movie piracy and indulge in the process.

If I talk about gender, then more males than females are watching pirated content.

and according to geography, people reside in urban area are responsible for piracy. More the facilities, the more the crime.

Final words…

Piracy s a crime, whether it be a song. movie or series. The Trump government is serving to preserve American intellectual property. On August 14, President Trump directed U.S. administrators to examine whether China should be examined for “unreasonable or discriminatory policies” that may cause harm to American intellectual property rights, innovation, or technological development. Stop piracy, and enjoy watching the original content on Big Screen!

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