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How to Build a City in Minecraft PE: Minecraft City Building Tutorial

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Do you want to build a city in Minecraft PE? If you play Minecraft then you may have come across building various construction sites, like hospitals, police stations, houses, castles, etc but now its time to build a whole city. The creative mode is always attractive and interesting. This guide will teach you how to build a city in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

The cities you make can be as simple as villages or as complex as large unique cities. If I give you a rough idea your city may contain, it will be like it may contain different animals, small or large buildings, houses, post office, oceans, rivers, etc. Right? So, what to build in your own world is purely your choice. So first you have to decide what you want to built-in. You have to face many struggles too while building a city, such as Creeper’s may hunt you down and blow a hole in your work. Also, building a city takes too much time, so have patience.

How to Build a City in Minecraft PE
Minecraft City Building Tutorial

How to build a city in Minecraft PE?

Before actually building the city, have a look at the below section that lets you decide what you want to build.

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Difference between Cities and Villages

This is a very important factor which allows you to pick one according to your choice. So lets’ start:

  • Metropolis: Bigger than a city, Modern and industrial and an arena of economy, politics, and culture.
  • Cities: accommodate a large population but defence is less. A roman city would be more defensive than a modern city.
  • Towns: smaller than cities, less defensive.
  • Villages: Think of Mob Villages already in Minecraft; very small gathering, poor defence.

Step 1: Choose the biome

This means land! You have to choose the biome, flat or hills or forest. If you want to escape yourself from terraforming, then go for Flat Surface but if you want views and hills then rest is your choice.

Step 2: Terraform the Terrain

After choosing the piece of land, now its time to make it on a single level. The bare land may have lumps and digs, so you have to bring all of them to a single level. Terraforming is very important if you want to build something good and it has aesthetic value too. The spawned water bodies may sometimes hinder construction if you do not Terraform them properly.

Step 3: Proper Planning

Plan before execute! Make a Blueprint! Proper planning is needed before you start the actual designing of the city. What do you think, is it easy? Not at all! This task is really important and full of questions because the final outcome depends upon this step. You have to do the planning of where to build buildings, from where does road goes, what is the size of roads, And a pleasant city architecture that will attract players. How your city will look is completely dependent on your choice. Moreover, if you are building a complex structure better to assemble a team to speed up the process.

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Step 4: Go and Build

After choosing the best TERRAIN and Precise PLANNING, now its time to do the actual construction. Isn’t it give you a feel like Builder, Sounds awesome? So the actual work starts here with the above blueprint. Bring your imagination into reality. Make sure to backup the process while designing the city. but how you can do that? In the latest update, you can export and copy your worlds to “save” it. If you want to be safe from accidental losses then backup from time to time. Skydrive is also a good option.

Step 5: Go in-depth

Well! Now you made the city, but is it really looking good? No! right? So its time to add details. Make the city alive by adding pictures, villagers, etc. Also, add character to your city. For example, Fence your city with flowers or plant trees around. Build a proper view and identification mark.

Step 6: A Final Check

Roam around the city and check if it is good enough to play. And if yes, you are good to go! If no, do necessary changes.

Final verdict

Well friends, Are you ready to build the city? Starting from a dummy architecture to an alive beautiful city is the whole journey.

What you are waiting for then? Go and build your own city, you are your own master! I hope the article will be helpful to you.

Share your feedback! Thank you!

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