How to Choose a Gaming Laptop: 5 Things To Consider

How to Choose a Gaming Laptop: 5 Things To Consider

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If you’re an avid gamer, you might be interested in investing in a gaming laptop that you can take with you on the go. Gaming laptops are mobile computers, but they also tend to have high-end specs and features designed to maximize your gaming experience as you can see from the options provided in gaming shops. If you’re thinking about purchasing a gaming laptop, there are certain things you should consider beforehand so that you can end up with the best product for your needs and budget. To help you make an informed decision when choosing a gaming laptop, consider these tips below.

  1. CPU and GPU

It’s easy enough to understand what CPUs and GPUs are. The CPU, or central processing unit, is often referred to as the brains of your computer—it processes information, can take in multiple data points at once, and does all of that based on whatever program you tell it to run. Consider the CPU clock speed and core count. The GPU, or graphics processing unit, is similar. It’s what processes information and renders it into an image that your monitor can display. The clock speed of your GPU—and its overall processing power—is measured in megahertz (MHz), gigahertz (GHz), or terahertz (THz). A higher number means more power, so if you’re buying for a high-resolution 4K monitor or gaming at ultra settings on lower resolutions, you should look for something with either a high clock speed or many cores.

  1. Display

The display, or screen, is one of two major system components in your laptop. It is where you will visually interact with your laptop’s operating system and applications. When choosing a gaming laptop, you want to make sure that it has an anti-glare surface so that it doesn’t reflect light and create eye strain. Screen size is also an important consideration with regard to display. All things equal, bigger is better because high-resolution displays can provide detailed images; they are also easier to see while not sitting directly in front of them.

  1. Memory and storage
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If you’re going to play games on your laptop, you need enough memory and storage. This can be a challenge as it’s hard to predict just how much memory and storage you’ll need for every game (and depending on whether or not you have any other programs running in the background), but as with most things in life, more is almost always better than less. Most new models include at least a 1TB hard drive (which will make room for more games) and solid-state drives are slowly becoming a standard-issue thanks to their high speed and low power usage. It’s also important to consider the upgradability of the computer’s memory and storage. You’ll never regret having access to extra memory or terabytes of additional storage space.

  1. Ports and inputs

It doesn’t matter if you’re a casual gamer or an elite professional—you need to choose your laptop based on your specific needs. Does it need multiple USB ports? An Ethernet jack? Should it have an HDMI port for connecting to an external monitor or TV? What about a display, audio, and Thunderbolt™ 3 technology ports? Remember that the more the ports, the greater the capacity of expanding the computer’s functionality.

  1. Design

The other essential thing you should look at is design. Does it fit your lifestyle? What kind of materials has it been made with? Some gaming laptops look rather bulky and awkward, but some are sleeker and more lightweight. Some will have multiple screens, while others will be single screens. Depending on what you’re going for, these might be more important than others. You’ll also want to pay attention to things like dimensions and weight (depending on where you plan on taking your laptop).

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All told, there’s a lot that goes into picking out your perfect gaming laptop—and we haven’t even mentioned things like battery life yet—so make sure you give yourself ample time and thinking space before making any decisions. You may find yourself going back and forth between laptops quite a few times as you weigh price vs power vs screen size. Just in case you find it confusing to choose, consider visiting as they have some of the best options for gaming laptops in the market today.


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