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How to make your first Website

how to make your first website
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How to make your first Website

How to make your first website

Nowadays everything is online and people are working online to earn more if you’re one of them and looking how to make your first website then I’ll help you to build your first website and also help you how to earn from the website.

So, let’s begin with how to make your first website. First, you need a domain, which is usually seen like, the domain is the name of your website and it should be something that you don’t want to change and unique. In order to register a domain first search for available domains on the internet so, click here and search for available domains.

Once you have your domain registered, you need web hosting or a place where your website will be hosted so everybody can see and visit your website. Click here to get discounted and good web hosting for your first website.

If you making a blog and your business website then WordPress is the most popular CMS ( Content management system) available in the market and it’s very easy to use and update on a regular basis if you want to. WordPress is easily and freely available and you can install it in just 1 click from your Cpanel.

Once you have your hosting, your cPanel will look something like the below image or it may be different depends on the hosting provider.

how to make your first website

All you need to do is click on Softaculous App installer, it’s mostly available on all the Cpanels from almost all hosting providers.

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how to make your first website

Once you click on this a new page will open and will open and it will ask you to choose the script you want to install on your domain then you need to select WordPress and it will show something like the below image.

how to make your first website

Click on Install and select your domain and https version if you have SSL certificate installed on your server and if you don’t have you can still select this option. Once you click on the install after entering all the details like user name and password, blog name, and description. It will install WordPress on your website and you just made your first website with WordPress.

Your website is live and you can access it using your domain name, eg. and you learned how to make your first website.

How to install WordPress and complete tutorial read this post and if you looking for Roblox Rocitizens code 2021

Let us know in the comment if you need any help or any other tutorial on web hosting WordPress.

Thank you