How to spice up your relationship with anal sex

spice up your relationship
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That a relationship is working is not because the relationship is naturally supposed to work. It only means booth partners are willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to make it work. Many sacrifices and inputs must be made to put the relationship on the right track when it comes to keeping your relationship. Do you think Anal Toys for your relationship is failing? Or are you having difficulty maintaining intimacy in your relationship? These are signals that something is going wrong in your relationship, and you should beware. A stitch in time saves nine; ensure you are attentive to everything your partner is saying, both verbally and non-verbally. spice up your relationship-

However, if you think your relationship is losing the spark it once used to have then spice up your relationship, or it’s not as fun as it ought to be, it’s time to try something new. It doesn’t necessarily have to be impulsive; you can try something your partner hasn’t had before sex! Not just any form of sex or the regular oral or penetrating sex, but anal sex! Bringing something new to the table has always been one of the best means of reigniting lost sparks. We all want to explore; it’s even better if you have an adventurous partner that loves exploring new depths. 

If you haven’t done anal sex, you might be missing out on a lot. Although it doesn’t look like much fun from the outside, if you experience it once, you’d understand how fun it could be. However, anal sex is not just a regular sex position or sexual experience you try out, even with your partner. While it’s disgusting to some, others haven’t just found time and the right person to explore their bodies with. So, before trying anal sex on your partner, there are a few things you need to understand. 

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Here are some ways you could spice your couple sex-life with anal sex

Understand the know-how:

You can’t teach what you don’t know; neither can you give what you don’t have. So, if you’d be bringing anal sex into your relationship to spice your sex life, you need to understand what anal sex entails. Since you’d need to sensitize your partner on why you should adopt anal sex as a game-changer, you should explain the benefits equally. Bringing something new into the relationship most times doesn’t work because both the inventor and the acceptor do not understand the “technical know-how, or in this case, the sexual know-how” of the concept. Anal sex is one of those few sexual practices that could go south swiftly If not professionally handled. So, ensure you understand what it takes to engage in anal sex before tabling to your partner. 

Watch bisexual porn videos:

Another means of using anal sex to spice your relationship is through porn videos. Anal sex is majorly practiced in bisexual porn videos because of the individuals involved. It’s also a means of learning from professionals how to engage in safe anal sex without injuring your partner or causing distress. Watching porn clips online regarding sexual pleasure is like learning from the source; what could possibly go wrong? Watch as many anal sex porn clips as possible till you can comfortably grasp the know-how and incorporate it into your relationship

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Always seek consent:

Before bringing innovation into your relationship, be sure you’ve sought prior approval from your partner. Don’t mistake running all anal sex on your partner while having sex without first seeking consent. If they are not so comfortable with it and do it without their permission, it might jeopardize the relationship, and you don’t want that to happen. 

Over familiarity has damaged many relationships to the point that you now find it so easy to assume for your partner. Not giving a response is not consent, and assuming your partner will buy your idea even without pitching it to them is absolutely improper. So, before bringing in any new idea you’d like to explore, ensure you have followed the steps mentioned above to keep yourself updated on all you need to do before bringing in anal sex. Anal sex is interesting if your partner is willing to explore it with you. However, you have quite a lot on your plate if your partner has never heard of anal sex or doesn’t understand the idea behind it. So, ensure you take your time to understand the whole idea of anal sex, why you need to bring the idea into your relationship, and how it will help the relationship grow stronger. If you can come up with all these from an organized and detailed point of view, you are certainly on your way to exploring anal sex with your partner.