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FedEx Tracking: How to Track Your FedEx Package or Shipment

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Do you want to know FedEx Tracking procedure? The shipment of a courier is successful only after its right delivery. Isn’t it? Whenever you send gifts to your loved ones, you feel anxious until it reaches the right destination. Even if you order something from e-commerce websites, you keep are eagerly waiting for your packet. Meanwhile, you can do only one thing is your Package Tracking. There are a lot of Courier services in the world but choosing the best one is very important. Today I am going to discuss FedEx and package Tracking.

Track your fedex shipment: FedEx Tracking
FedEx Tracking

Why FedEx?

FedEx is Assisting Europe for about 25 years, the FedEx network gives next-day delivery service to numbers of cities and markets. is this your requirement? Next day delivery! Then FedEx is the best option for you. Since 1973, the platform is leading in the market and proved itself to be the best in transportation and courier services. With more than 17000 people, FedEx is serving around 200 countries across the globe. With FedEx, you can effortlessly track your package.

Advantages of FedEx courier Service

The market is flooded with a lot of courier service options, some of which is very famous while some are startups and just growing. FedEx has many advantages that complete it and makes it a withstanding option in the market.

  1. At a very low cost, you can send a package across the globe.
  2. Simple Process of sending packet and tracking too.
  3. 24*7 Customer support to resolve your queries.
  4. Money-back Guarantee in case of late delivery.
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Types of FedEx Services

Suppose you are a customer and you want to send a package from Source A to destination B. Now, you can choose one from the two options:

  • FedEx Express as the name suggests sending your package at express speed. The features are fast service, time-specific delivery, and money-back guarantee.
  • FedEx Ground deliver your package in 3-5 business days and here delivery of your package will be done by the end of the day rather than by a specific time during the day. In this, you can give your own packaging, or purchase cartons and get it packed at FedEx Office. If your package is significant then Ground is the best option for you. Also, if you are package contains critical items then you must go for FedEx ground since these items are restricted in Aircraft.

If your package is not urgent to deliver, you can opt for FedEx ground. All the Transit time and rates are mentioned in the form you will fill before sending. Go through the page carefully. On the other hand, if you are bounded to a deadline then go for FedEx Express.

FedEx Tracking Methods

Tracking your shipped package gives you a relief that your package is in transit and not lost anywhere. Also, Shipment ill gives you an idea when the packet will arrive. So help you to be available on the day. Following are the methods to Track your shipment while sending via FedEx courier Service.

Method1: By FedEx Tracking Number

When you send a package via FedEx, you will get a FedEx Tracking number by courier center staff if you are opting for manual delivery and online in your account if you are opting for online delivery. Always save this Tracking ID to Track your package in the future. If you are sending multiple packets then you may get multiple Tracking Id’s and you can check all of them in one go. Enter all 30 ID’s at the same time and get the result for all in just one click. Awesome!

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Method2: By Reference

Along with the FedEx Tracking number, you get a reference number too. Save this number to track your package. Here also you can add up to 30 reference number and can track all package on a single click.

Method3: Login Your Account

If you have an account on FedEx then you do not need anything, just log in to your account and track your shipment.

How to get Proof of Shipment

  1. Go to the FedEx website.
  2. Move to track division.
  3. Enter tracking number(maximum 30)
  4. Click on Print Letter
  5. Then click on Submit button to get results.

What makes FedEx Unique?

  1. You can track your shipment directly trough tracking number, no login required.
  2. Get regular updates on a click.
  3. The site will Save your shipments for quick updates and future reference.

FedEx Mobile Tracking

FedEx mobile app is also available for ease of use, tracking, delivery, and shipment status. The app is available for both Android and iOS users.

Before You Go…

FedEx comes on the top of all and is the best Courier Service worldwide. FedEx Tracking procedure is simple and you get all your shipment information on a single click is amazing. Smooth tracking, well-timed delivery, decent customer support is all that you get from FedEx. Remember, to save tracking Id and Shipment number to stay out of the chaos of delivery. From past many years, I have been using FedEx and I am happy with their service. If you are using something else, give a chance to FedEx.

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