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How to Use business WhatsApp – Guides & tips.

Business whatsapp
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How to Use business WhatsApp – Guides & tip.
Business whatsapp

WhatsApp has had a really big impact upon us, if you are a smartphone user chances are you might be using WhatsApp right now. We have family groups, friends groups, official groups and many more but we also have to share our personal information on WhatsApp willingly or unwillingly. WhatsApp business has solutions for all such problems.

Business WhatsApp is going to portray a professional image of you & your company with advanced features, let’s see all the advanced features WhatsApp provides for your business.

1) How to install business WhatsApp ?
You can easily find WhatsApp business on your play store or apple store. Installations process gets a bit confusing for some people as people always ask questions like;
Can I use WhatsApp and WhatsApp business on the same phone?
WhatsApp business account can be used on the same phone on which you are using your regular WhatsApp but you’ll have to use a different number And with the new feature you can also associate your landline no. with your WhatsApp business account.

While setting up a business profile you’ll get options like: Office hour timings, email & website setup and many more which you are going to see ahead.

2) How to use the LABEL feature?

If you have used Gmail you probably know what we are talking about. WhatsApp business provides this new feature called label. It basically assigns tags to particular chats according to your preference, and can also be used as an easy organizer to your messages. For creating label you need to open; More options >Chats – Label > select contact – Done.
3) How to use the Quick reply feature?

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As its name speaks for itself, it quickly replies to the repeatedly asked questions by customers. If you’ve noticed customers usually ask the same questions, it could be regarding your product, services or prices which has a routine answer though, earlier you might need to type and reply individually to everyone but from now you don’t have to strain yourself every single time.

Business WhatsApp has bought this amazing feature called quick replies.
With this you’ll just need to save the pre replies or often used answers, which could be product prices or your new launch. You can easily use this feature by tapping;

More > Business tools >Quick replies > add+ (add contacts) > save.

WhatsApp will itself reply to the same asked questions with just your one tap, thanks to this amazing feature.

4) How to use Auto messages?

WhatsApp has launched this really nice feature called auto messages.
If you have noticed in regular WhatsApp you would have had no idea when a customer is going to ping you even if you have your working hours fixed.

This amazing feature is going to help you sort out the problem easily, for using this feature all you’ll have to do is save an archive message for the customers who could send messages in pre or post office timings.

This feature will itself notify customers through your archived text if they message you in pre or post working hours. For using this feature you’ll have to Tap More options > Business tools > Away message (save the txt) > ok.

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5) Business WhatsApp has an amazing feature called Statistics.
Business geniuses believe you cannot improve something which cannot be traced. Statistics is a really fine feature which provides an overview of your all the current business working status. Such as, the amount of messages delivered to the customers by employees & how many customers have received, replied or seen the messages.

Many big companies and departments are using business WhatsApp creatively for their customer services. WhatsApp has also said that many more features are about to come.
As a lot of sites are providing premium WhatsApp business apk, it’s not reliable & not going for any such shortcut would save you plenty of time and money. Hope we’ve cleared all your doubts regarding Business WhatsApp web and its features
So, create your own business WhatsApp account and let us know in comments, how WhatsApp business works for you and what could be other new features they should add.