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Joker achieved $750 Million worldwide For Its First Box Office Challenge

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Yes, the newly launched American movie Joker of Warner Bros achieved another milestone on its first box office collection worldwide. Yes, the movies reached to $750 Million worldwide For Its First Box Office Challenge today. It’s really a big achievement for the American Moviemakers. The Joker earned another $2.75 million which is 67% lesser from the last Monday, and by earning this amount the movies crossed the $250 million mark on the domestic level.

And by today the Joker earned $755 million box office collection worldwide. The best thing about the movies is still quite popular in theatres after 3 weeks of its release all over the world. People showed great support for the movie and loved it. The Movie is quite appreciated outside of North America.

Joker achieved $750 Million worldwide For Its First Box Office Challenge
Joker First Box Office Challenge

Will ‘Joker’ achieve 1$ Billion Worldwide?

Joker is a pure action drama which is based on American pop culture references and politics. The movie performed great all over the world, It is continuously earning huge buks of money, still, theatres are full, If the current performance of the movie will be to continue it will achieve $315 million domestic revenue and approx $940 million worldwide.

By achieving the estimated level of revenue Joker will become the most profitable movie in term of budget and earning, It is a comic based biggest r rated movie ever, If the movie will be a success to earn $335 million on a domestic level, it will cross the 1$ billion worldwide without arriving in China. 

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Will ‘Joker’ pass ‘Wolf Warrior 2’ ($854 million) earning milestone?

As per the current speculations, the Joker can pass Wolf Warrior 2 ($854 million) record. Wolf Warrior 2 is a Chinese movie was released in 2017, However, the movie was technically unrated but R-rated in spirit. So it is still speculation only will Joker would become the R-rated movie by achieving 1$ billion.

Soon another biggest hit is going to launch in Cinemas Skydance’s Terminator: Dark Fate.  the movie will be released on 1st November in North America. The Terminator: Dark Fate is an R-rated action based movie involving mega-budget.

If Joker takes a hit, well, it might have to settle for an $850 million finish. But if it holds the line, and Terminator: Dark Fate is the definition of a coin toss, then we can start talking about $900 million and beyond.

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