Kabaddi betting

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Kabbadi is considered a fairly popular sport discipline in India, which is almost as good as cricket. This exciting and exciting sports discipline is in demand throughout the country. To play Kabaddi betting, you will need two teams, each of which has 7 people. The game takes place on a round playground.

Opponents occupy opposite sides of the field, divided by a boundary line into 2 equal parts. For the match to start, one of the teams must send an invader who must cross the other team’s half of the field. In this case, the player must constantly shout “Kabaddi!”. During this time, he must touch at least one of the opponent’s players and return to his part of the field.

To gain an advantage, the opposing team must force the infiltrated invader to touch the ground or stop shouting “Kabbaddi!”. If the invader succeeds in regaining his part of the field, the player of the opposing team whom he touched must leave the field. The match ends when one of the teams loses all of its players.

Despite the fact that this game is quite popular in Asia, not all bookmakers provide their customers with the opportunity to bet on this sport. But the same cannot be said about the Parimatch platform. This bookmaker accepts various types of bets on kabbadi. Therefore, fans of this sport will definitely have something to do on the site of this bookmaker.


The size of the coefficients clearly demonstrates the likelihood of a particular outcome of the game. Before placing a bet, it is imperative to conduct a detailed analysis of the odds provided by the bookmaker. After all, it is with the help of coefficients that players can predict the course of the game and predict the possible winner.

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Bookmaker Parimatch

In order to make a successful bet with a bookmaker, you must be responsible for choosing the type of bet. Let’s take a closer look at the types of kabbadi bets that the Parimatch bookmaker provides to its users:

  • 3 way betting. This type of bet allows you to bet on one of three possible outcomes of the match: the victory of the first opponent, the victory of the second opponent, or a draw.
  • Double Chance – this type of bet allows the player to increase his chances of a successful outcome of the bet on the selected outcome. To do this, you can bet on a win or a draw for both opponents.
  • Total – bet on over/under. It is necessary to make a bet on how many points each team will score in a game.
  • Handicap – this type of bet is sometimes called a point bet or line bet. This type of betting allows you to make the game more equal.
  • Odd/Even – for the successful outcome of this bet, you must predict what the final score of the match will be: even or odd.

The best events for betting on kabbadi

This sports discipline has many tournaments and competitions. Let’s look at the most popular sporting events that are most profitable to bet with a bookmaker:

  • Vivo Pro Kabaddi League
  • Kabaddi World Cup
  • Kabaddi Masters

In all these tournaments, India holds a leading position. So bet Kabaddi India on Parimatch and you won’t go wrong!

Live betting on kabbadi

The betting lines for this sports discipline are quite extensive and varied. But real-time bets are in the greatest demand and popularity. This allows users to watch the game of their favorite teams and place bets at the most opportune moment.

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In order to make a successful bet, it is not necessary to watch the game in real time. But this allows you to pay more attention to the ongoing actions and make the right current choice.

Mobile app

Users of the Parimatch bookmaker can bet on kabbaddi in any convenient place and at any convenient time using a special mobile application. This allows you to significantly save such a precious resource of customers as time. With just a few clicks, you can place a bet on the selected match. And there is absolutely no need to sit in front of the computer and wait for the game to start.

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