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How to Make A Shirt on Roblox (Easy Guide)

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No need to introduce Roblox as it is a well-known platform for those who love to play online games and want to create their own games. Indeed Roblox is best for young players and gives them the opportunity to sharpen their creativity. You can customize your avatar in Roblox with several outfits like hats, pants, shirts, sunglasses, etc. In order to modify the look of your avatar, you have to buy accessories and for this you need Robux. You can also create your own outfits and here we will going to discuss how to make a shirt on Roblox.

Not only shirts but also you can create other outfits shorts, pants, hats and many more and sell them to get Robux. But to create your custom outfits you must be the member of Builder’s club and if you are not then you are not eligible for making your own shirt.

Let’s go through the post and explore the simplest steps to create a shirt on Roblox.

How to Make A Shirt on Roblox
How to create a shirt on Roblox

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How to make a shirt on Roblox?

There are various templets available on the Roblox platform to create your Avatar’s outfits. And you just need to pick the desired templet and design a shirt. The process of creating a shirt is as follows:

  • As I said above you must have a Builder’s membership to make a shirt so if you are then navigate to via your browser.
  • In case you want a shirt templet without any order then move
  • Now save the shirt templet and to save you have to right-click on the templet and tap on Save As.
  • Your next move is to open the templet in your image editor program. GIMP is one of the best free image editors for both MAC and Windows users.
  • Then click on the Edit option and design the short as per your choice.
  • After making desired changes its time to save your shirt and to save just press  Ctrl+S (Windows) or  Command+S (Mac).
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How to upload shirt into Roblox

  • First of all move to via your browser.
  • Tap on the “Create” tab.
  • Now you have to click on the “Continue to create page” option.
  • If you didn’t log in to your account then log in first by entering your username and password and then click on Sign in.
  • A new page will occur and on this new page click on “My Creations” situated at the top of the page.
  • Now click on “Shirts”.
  • On the “Create a shirt” page click on the “Browse” option and as you click on this option a new window will open.
  • Now you need to select the shirt image and click on it.
  • Click on “Open”.
  • Finally, type the shirt name in the “Shirt name” text area.
  • Your final step in order to upload your shirt on Roblox is to click on the “Upload” option that is below the “Shirt Name” text field.

Like this, you can make a shirt on Roblox and upload it on the Roblox to sell it for earning Robux. As Roblox approved your shirt you can use it to modify the look of your avatar. Without the approval of Roblox, you can’t apply the shirt to your character. Roblox is strict towards its policies and this is to avoid any copyright issue.

Bottom Lines

So folks ready to create a shirt on Roblox? If yes then follow the above-mentioned steps and make a shirt on Roblox to customize the look of your avatar. You can also earn robux after selling your creations to other Roblox users.

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