Memorial Cards – A Beautiful Way to Pay Tribute

Memorial Cards
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Memorial cards are a beautiful way to pay tribute to your loved one. They are also often used at services and can be personalized.

You can include the person’s name, a photo, and a verse. Hobbies or interests can also be included for a more personal touch. Adding a ribbon in the person’s favorite color or embossing them can also add a special finishing touch.


Often, family members choose to include a photograph on a memorial card. This can be a personal touch, allowing mourners to see the loved one who has passed away. You can find an assortment of photo templates available online for use in memorial cards, or you can customize your own. The important thing is to pick a high-quality, clear photo of your loved one.

If desired, you can also include a small photo of your loved one’s pet. You may want to add other images, such as artwork or patterns that reflected their personality or hobbies. Some families choose to highlight their loved one’s faith, for example, with a picture of a cross or other religious symbol. The memorial card can also be a place to share a short excerpt from their obituary.

Other funeral memorial cards include prayer cards, remembrance cards, and bookmarks. Prayer cards are a common type of memorial card that features a religious symbol, a prayer, and information about the deceased person. This type of memorial card can be given out at prayer services, memorials, or celebration of life ceremonies and is usually slipped into a purse or book.

A remembrance card is similar to a memorial card but typically has more information about the deceased person, such as their birth and death dates. It can also feature a poem, scripture, or personalized message. A remembrance card is generally used at memorial services, celebrations of life ceremonies, and wakes. It can be given out by family members or purchased at funeral homes.

Memorial bookmarks are slender keepsakes that can be given out at funerals, memorial services, and celebration of life ceremonies. A remembrance bookmark can contain a picture, a quote, or other information about the deceased person and is often placed in books and other items to help commemorate their life. Mourners can purchase remembrance bookmarks from funeral homes or create them using memorial bookmark templates at home. Some people collect these slender keepsakes and display them on their mantels or other places in their homes.

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When a family chooses to have a memorial card made for their loved one, they can include a poem that reflects their feelings. Choosing a deeply evocative and heartfelt poem can help mourners remember their loved ones in a way that brings comfort and peace to them.

A poem can also be a good choice for a funeral card as it can remind people of their shared connection with the deceased person and help them share memories with others. Those memories might be funny, or they might be very personal and touching, but no matter what kind of memory you want to share, it is important that you keep it in line with the deceased person’s character.

You may also wish to add a short biographical note or biography of your loved one. This can include their name, date of birth, age (optional), address, a brief description of their death, and religious affiliation. It is also a good idea to include a contact number for relatives and friends should they need to talk with someone.

Another type of memorial card is a prayer card. This is often distributed as a personalized memento at memorial services, wakes, viewings, and visitations. It typically includes a photo of the deceased, a religious symbol, and a verse or prayer. You can also create a memorial bookmark which is similar to a prayer card but is designed so that it can be used as a keepsake.

A folded memorial card is a beautiful way to show that your loved one’s life will never be forgotten. This style of card can include a cover page and up to four pages of content, including photos, verses, and more. It is important to remember that a memorial card should be kept simple and uncluttered. It should not be too large to fit in a wallet or purse, and the font should be easy to read. Your funeral home will be able to advise you on the wording for your memorial card.

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Personalized Details

Memorial cards, also known as funeral prayer cards or remembrance cards, are keepsakes distributed at funerals, wakes, visitations, and memorial services. They contain basic information about the deceased and can be ordered from a funeral home or made yourself using templates. They are popular as a meaningful reminder for mourners and can be taken home or kept in a wallet or book to commemorate the loved one after the service.

Personalized details can add extra meaning to a memorial card. For example, you may want to include a special photo of the deceased or a quote that reflects their personality or life philosophy. Some families also like to add a special message of condolence to share their love and well-wishes. If the deceased had a passion or favorite pastime, you could also highlight this to show how much they meant to others.

Some families choose to include a spiritual element on their memorial card, such as a verse, poem, or prayer. This can be a wonderful way to uplift the spirits of mourners and help them through the difficult journey of grief.

You may also decide to include a spiritual symbol on your memorial card, such as a cross, heart or angel. This can be a beautiful way to honor the loved one and remind them of their eternal presence with God.

Another option is to include a religious passage from the bible. This can be a comforting and inspirational way to remind people of the eternal bond they share with the deceased.

You might also want to consider including a personal touch, such as a handwritten note from family or friends. Taking time to write a special message can mean the world to a grieving friend or loved one and will be a touching keepsake for them to cherish.

It is important to remember that a memorial card should be personal, unique, and truly reflect the value of the person you are paying tribute to. With today’s technology, creating a funeral or memorial card that will encapsulate their memory and serve as a keepsake for years to come is easy.

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In addition to the photo, name, and dates, many families like to include a prayer on the back of their memorial card. This can be a verse from a religious text or simply a message asking mourners to remember the deceased and lift them up in their prayers. This is a nice way to offer comfort to loved ones in their time of grief.

You can design your own prayer card or choose from a wide variety of templates available online and at funeral homes. Before you start designing, ensure you have a good idea of the format and style you want to use. The text and images must be easily read by people who may have impaired vision or are elderly. A simple layout with one side that opens like a book is generally best.

Some of the things that you might consider including on a memorial card are quotes or sayings, favorite pastimes, and other aspects of their life that were meaningful to them. These personal touches can often make a memorial card stand out from others and offer a heart-warming keepsake for those who attend services.

Another popular type of card in funeral homes is a bookmark-style memorial card. This type of card has a small bookmark attached to it that can be used as a reminder to pray for the deceased. It can also be used to invite mourners to the wake, viewing, or memorial service.

Whether you add a prayer or not, memorial cards are a wonderful way to pay tribute to the departed and remind those who attended services of their love and respect for the deceased. Talk to your funeral director about the options for creating a memorial card and how to incorporate the important information into it. They can also assist you with any special accessories that might be desired, such as laminated cards or decorative embellishments like rosary beads.