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PS5 vs XBOX 2: Battle of best next gen gaming consoles start now

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The battle of two gaming giants is about to happen and gaming enthusiasts are eagerly waiting to witness it. Both gaming consoles are coming with almost same features but what would be the specialties that will differentiate them. Which one will win the heart of gamers between PS5 vs Xbox 2? What would be their system specs, release date, games, and much more? These questions are hovering in all gamers mind and if you have headed here then definitely in yours too. To end up all your curiosities we have collected all the latest info about the upcoming gaming consoles so let’s check out what can we expect from PS5 and Xbox 2.

PS5 and Project Scarlett are ready to reach you in the closing months of 2020. As per the slight details that are revealed by Sony and Microsoft, both are bringing almost the same features, games and efficiencies. But everyone has their own priorities and maybe one of them will grab more attention.

So let’s start our discussion on PS5 vs Xbox 2 and assume which gaming console will win the battle.

PS5 vs XBOX 2: Battle of two next gen gaming consoles starts
PS5 vs Xbox 2

PS5 vs Xbox 2: Release date

Sony has tightened their lips and didn’t reveal any release date for PS5 but Microsoft has confirmed that they are set to launch their console just after Christmas holidays in 2020. There are huge chances that Project Scarlett will be at your reach in December 2020.

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Though there is no certain date for PS5, how can Sony allow Microsoft to overcome so it is expected that Sony will also release it almost at the same time?

PS5 vs Xbox 2: Specs

Both are beating each other in terms of specs and are entering the market with almost the same specs. Let’s explore their specifications to assume which one would be better:

  • PS5 and Xbox 2 all the two are coming with AMD Navi GPU and AMD Zen 2 CPU.
  • Ray tracing the high-end feature which is available in selected PCs but the good news is that both upcoming gaming consoles will support this light rendering technique.
  • 8K graphics will also be supported by the PS5 and Xbox 2.
  • Loading time is the crucial factor to consider the performance of a gaming console and this time both are looking to cut down their loading time.
  • There is no certain evidence about their SSD performance but as per the news, Xbox will improve its SSD performance when compared with the current consoles.

PS5 vs Xbox 2: Virtual reality support

Virtual Reality is the latest term and the notable aspect also to determine the excellence of a gaming console over another. PS5 will support the Play Station VR but there is no certainty about Xbox 2. Xbox 2 didn’t reveal yet that it would support virtual reality or not so we just wait and watch.

PS5 vs Xbox 2: Will old games entertain you (Backward Compatibility)

Backward compatibility refers to the efficiency to enjoy the older games on the new console. I am really happy to confirm that Sony’s PS5 will be compatible with all PS4 titles means it will provide you backward compatibility. As per a patent filed by Sony, it is expected that you would be able to play all the past PS titles on the PS5. Though chances are uncertain and if it really happens then you would be lucky if you go for Play Station 5.

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Now move on Xbox 2, there is no certain news about the backward compatibility of Xbox 2. Nevertheless, in E3 2019 they addressed that gamers would be able to bring back your older achievements and accessories to the upcoming Xbox console. We can’t definitely consider it backward compatibility though.

PS5 vs Xbox 2: Price (How much will they put the burden on your pocket)

The exact price of next-generation gaming machines is under folds and we can’t give you any idea about their cost. But you can expect a moderate price as per their specs and performance as well.

Ray-tracing and hardware from the renowned name can make them slight costlier so be ready to put an extra burden on your pocket.

We are not sure at all but after observing the specification and other aspects we can predict that their price would be somewhere between $400 to $500. It is just a prediction don’t think it actual price.

Ready to go…

The battle of two gaming giants is about to happen and both are set to give head to head challenge to each other. Specs are looking almost equal and rest depends on your preference and games choices.

Which one you are looking to buy? PS5 or Xbox 2? Let us know below in the comment box.

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