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Roblox 101: How To Generate Actual Revenue from the game

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As we all know, Roblox 101 is a great platform for users to customize and generate their own games. Since the day game has launched, Developers are earning a lot of money that you can not even imagine. With endless game opportunities, the platform provides you a way to learn and earn. In the year 2019, developers have made over $100 million in revenue, that’s a quite good amount. Scroll down to know more!

If you are capable of developing the game, you may earn a lot of money here. There are many ways to make money through the game, out of them, I am going to discuss a few now! Before actually knowing the ways to earn, you must know the basic monetization model behind. Understand a few terms first:

Roblox 101: How To make money from the game
Roblox 101: How To Generate Actual Revenue

Legit ways to get free Robux in Roblox (November 2019)

  • ARPU – Average Revenue Per User- The amount of revenue a user generates.
  • F2P – Free to Play
  • P2P – Pay to Play
  • Hard Currency- Worth the real money, ROBUX.
  • Soft Currency- No relation to real money. Exchange within games only.
  • P2W – Pay to Win

Roblox 101: How To Generate Actual Revenue from the game

Generating a good amount of revenue from the game is not too easy or too difficult. If you can create the games, you will understand these things easily.

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1) Impose an Entry Fees

On the platform Roblox 101, some of the games are totally free, While some have an entry fee. It is the simplest form of Monetization which is also known as Buy Access. A small game entry fees developed by you will give you a lot of money. This will give you a lot of money.

2) Charge for Game passes

Game Passes work a lot like Downloadable Content (DLC) does for PC, PS4, and Xbox One games you may have played before. You’ll spend some Robux upfront and gain access to things that make the game more convenient or fun but aren’t required necessarily to actually play the game since it’s technically free.

3) Exchange Robux with Real money

Robux is a type of digital currency(Hard currency) that values real money. If you have a lot of robux accumulated in the game then you can see them and get the money. Once you have enough Robux saved up, you can use the “Developer Exchange program” to exchange them back into real money. Not everyone can do this, let’s see what’s needed to exchange robux:

  1. Age Limits: 13 years of age or older
  2. Premium member: Must be a member of the Outrageous Builders Club tier
  3. Robux earned: Minimum of 100,000

The above three requirements are necessary and mandatory. The cash-out rate is  $.0035 per 1R$. This means if you have 10000 Robux, that would result in $350, but you could, of course, earn much more. The Roblox Corporation has a monthly limit of $1,050,000, which seems very ridiculous but generous.

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4) Sell Exclusive items

In the game, sometimes we gain exclusive items. You have to keep an eye on rare items in the game. As the limited items become available, hold them and then sell when the asking price rises later. Once people are ready to pay according to your pitch, you can sell them.

Final Verdict

Well, that’s all developers and players! Are you ready to earn in Roblox 101? Thank you so much if you have read so far, share your valuable thoughts.

I would like to warn you about scammers before actually closing this article. You never know who is the scammer there in the game. So beware of the strangers who behave weird! They try to tick your account information by any means. If you are smart enough to not trap in these scams, you are at zero risks!

Thank you for reading!

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