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Roblox vs Minecraft: Which one you should go for?

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When things come in terms of sandbox-style games then Minecraft and Roblox strike in our mind. Indeed both games are hugely popular because of their unique crafting elements but if you have to choose one from them which one you would choose? is pretty tough to consider which is better between Roblox vs Minecraft but we are here to help you.

Both Minecraft and Roblox let their users allow to create games, connect with other online players, and also provide 24 hours online support. At first glance, all the two crafting giants look similar but there are lots of differences to be considered. In my guide Roblox vs Minecraft, I am going to figure out the key elements that will help you to understand which one you should go for.

Let’s go through the post and reveal the chief aspects that differentiate the two crafting games from each other.

Roblox vs Minecraft: Which one you should go for?
Roblox vs Minecraft


Roblox is a game creation platform where users can design their own games and also play other games that are created by other players. There is a wide array of games available on Roblox such as role-playing, racing, simulating and many more. Not only users play and create games on Roblox but also they can earn money by selling virtual items. Robux is the virtual currency of Roblox which is used to buy and sell virtual items to create games. In August 2019 Roblox gained 100 Milion monthly active users.

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Minecraft is purely a sandbox game where users can design their own world with the available blocks. There are unlimited resources available in the Minecraft and the player has to put their best strategy to get resources to build their kingdom. Apart from crafting Minecraft contains survival elements and the players need to combat with monsters and other creatures to survive. Minecraft comes with several game modes including survival, creative, multiplayer, etc. The gaming currency of Minecraft is Minecoin.

Roblox vs Minecraft: Best for

Minecraft is all about creativity and it is best for the children of 8+. Via Minecraft gamers have to explore the given environment to find out resources and to design their kingdom.

Roblox is a site where users can design their own game and upload on the Roblox platform. If you are 10+ then Roblox is the best platform for you. Apart from designing a game, you can enjoy millions of games that are created by other Roblox users.

Roblox vs Minecraft: User-friendliness

Minecraft is pretty daunting to play and there are no instructions for players and they have to learn with experience. Means as you play you learn. You can explore Youtube videos and other players’ content to be the master of the crafting game.

On the other hand, Roblox allows its users to play and design their own games. Many times it may be really irritating to play users’ designed games. But if you are willing to create your own game then you can do so via Roblox studio and for it, Roblox provides you lots of instructions and also you can learn via Roblox community.

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Roblox vs Minecraft: Are they safe?

Safety is the topmost concern and when things come in terms of kids then safety becomes a priority. Both games come with multiplayer modes but Minecraft is usually played, Solo. Whereas Roblox is a dedicated social platform and communicating with other online players is the biggest part of the game. You can notice a huge amount of user-generated content on both platforms and kids can easily expose to the sexual or other restricted content.

To protect teens and kids from violated content Roblox various safety measures such as turn off chatting, Blocking users and parental control, etc. But in Minecraft, there are no restrictions to stop bad activities and one and only way is to ignore them.

Roblox vs Minecraft: Creativity enhancement

In terms of creativity and learning both Minecraft and Roblox are good. Through both crafting giants, children can learn the basics of computer coding. Both games enhance mathematical skills, sharpen strategy skills, upgrade collaborative behavior and much more. Indeed when kids come in contact with other online players they learn lots of new things that help them in their practical life too.

Final verdict

Both games are different and in terms of security Roblox is ahead. Not only playing games but also Roblox empowers the kids to become a game developer and earn Millions. But Minecraft is not behind at all and rest depends on the priorities. Let your kid try both games but not forget to monitor his/her activities to safeguard their online presence.

So folks its time to say Goodbye but before going I want to know your opinion about both Roblox and Minecraft. So please comment below and express your views.

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