The Best Hat Styles for the Style-Conscious Man in 2022 – The Top Picks

The Best Hat Styles for the Style-Conscious Man in 2022 – The Top Picks

Best Hat Styles
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Hats have become an essential part of the men’s stylish accessory domain. And from the fedoras, baseball caps, to the bucket hats and more, today there are several types of men’s hats and Best Hat Styles. 

Once you browse through the western hat styles for men, you will come across hats that look stylish, versatile, and functional. Some hats are apt and practical for almost any purpose. Whether there is snow, shine, hail, or rain, a hat will ensure you stay secured from the elements and keep you warm and dry. That aside, a stylish hat can make a man look classy, eclectic, and casual as well. And as we are all set to move into 2022, it’s time to know the best hat styles and pics for the stylish man. 

  • The fedora

The fedora has been a versatile hat. The hat was a popular choice amongst the gangsters in the 1920s and 1950s and it became staple for the hipsters in 2000s. It’s one of the popular men’s hat worldwide. And today, this felt-brimmed hat is making a comeback in the men’s fashion scene. You can find a fedora hat in multiple colors and sizes, but it’s always better to opt for medium widths and neutral tones. 

  • The Panama hat

The Panama hat is ideal with a shirt of white linen and beach setting. It’s a conventional straw hat that belongs to Ecuador and will add to your style quotient. And since the hat gets made using plaited leaves, the Panama hat is one of the best accessories when you are visiting a tropical and seaside destination. The hat complements the blue skies and sunlight! Hence, don’t try to sport it during winter. Usually, the hat is breathable, light in weight and shade, and simple to wear. If you want to look laidback yet classy, this is the best option for you. 

  • The trilby
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The trilby often gets confused with the fedora, still it has its distinctiveness. Made by using straw and tweed, the trilby comes with a taller crown and a smaller brim compared to the fedora. Hence, you can sport this hat anytime from autumn to spring. You can place the trilby on the head back rather than pulling it to the front to secure the face. The trilby acts more as a statement hat than a functional one. You will often find Justin Timberlake sporting this hat. Also, if you are planning to attend a horse racing event, this is the hat to choose. 

  • Snapback

The baseball cap of the 90s got back to style scene as the New York snapback gained prominence amongst the Yankees. Today, the snapback hats have already cornered the hat market and are sported by the hat enthusiasts, fashionistas, ballers and the cool kids all across the world. And much like the dad hat, which is its vintage cousin, this hat can’t get categorized as “one-size-fits-all” and offers an oversized, relaxed fit. But when it comes to the snapback hat, it has a rigid design and has better structure. Though the hats look sim3ple, it can add a cool vibe to any attire. 

  • The bowler

The bowler hat is prominent in the British hat scene, which became famous because names like Curly Howard and Charlie Chaplin sported it. The hat is stiff felt, has a narrow brim, and is usually called the derby. People from the working, middle and upper classes love this hat. If you want to sport this hat, you can opt-in for tailored pants, dress shoes, and well-made suits. 

  • The dad hat
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You might not want to seek style suggestions from your dad! But when it comes to a dad hat, you can opt-in for a laid-back style that will make you sport a classy vintage look. The hat creates a relaxed feeling, usually made of canvas or cotton, and comes with a curved brim. The hat comes with a controllable strap back closure where “one size” does fit all. The dad hats will make amazing accessories if you are planning to wear a sport-luxe ensemble and it can result in a vintage twist for a casual look. 

  • The beanie

It’s a winter essential! Today, the beanies are looked upon as a timeless, stylish accessory. And you might not feel like sporting one during the summer months, it’s perfect to wear this hat anytime during spring and winter. Today, there are several styles available with this hat, and you can pair it with your sleek and streetwear. And such knitted accessories provide the necessary warmth to your head during the winter months. And from the chunky winter woollies to the fashionable slouchy pieces, you will find the beanies versatile. It’s always best to choose one that has a thin material and come in a neutral shade like grey and navy. 

These are some of the best hat options for men in 2022. Whether you want to buy your first hat or add one to your existing collection, the list above will help you choose the one you like best. 

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