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The Dos And Don’ts Of Office Waste Removal

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‘Green living’ has been a major buzzword for many years, but it should be treated as more than just that. Green living should become a way of life for individuals in their households, especially for organizations in their offices. 

Given most organizations’ size, it’s not surprising how big of an impact can be made when environmentally-healthy practices are placed at the forefront of their efforts. There are many things an office can do in this pursuit, one of which has to do with office waste removal. This involves managing waste from the inside and then continuing to proper waste disposal upon trash collection. 

Green living can be a significant change and effort, yet the benefits to the organization and the environment are priceless. It’s one of those changes that makes it feel worth it. Making that first step is often the most challenging part, so here are some do’s and don’ts to remember and apply as you get started. 

Dos Of Office Waste Removal

Want to know what you need to do in terms of office waste removal? Keep on reading below to find out more.

  • Do Consider Hiring A Same-Day Rubbish Removal Service 

Waste can easily accumulate quickly depending on how paper-dependent and how big your office is. The amount of waste you’d be dealing with can be significant, such that even your office’s bins aren’t enough to hold the junk you’re disposing of. This is a situation where you’re doing a major deep cleaning of your office. And it may be challenging to keep up with the disposal part itself. 

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Consider hiring a same-day rubbish removal service, as you’ll be able to do through this link. You do the interior cleaning and waste removal of your office, while they’ll dispose of the waste on your behalf. Companies that offer this service have the right tools for proper and safe waste removal and connections with local agencies like recycling plants. 

  • Do Recycle Paper Before Throwing Them Away 

While it may seem obvious, many offices could still practice disposing of paper only used on one side. Paper is a major contributor to office waste, so it makes sense to pay attention to how paper is used in the workplace. To that end, the goal should be to use both sides of the paper before throwing away. 

All thanks to technology, printing documents may no longer be as frequently done as has been in years back. When you really must do, nonetheless, keep all that can still be recycled. If you don’t have to print on clean paper all the time, there’s no shame in using the back side.

Paper may be biodegradable, yet it also takes a lot of trees to manufacture. The less dependence an office has on it, the better. 

  • Do Minimize Single-Use Plastic And Paper 

Do you still have a lot of paper cups and plastic utensils in your pantry? Change this company culture and encourage employees to bring their cups or mugs to work. Or, you could provide it in every welcome gift or package for new employees. 

Along with paper cups, other single-use office supplies like post-its are quite wasteful. Instead of using post-its, use scrap paper instead on a peg board. This habit reduces office supplies expenses and encourages making the most of every scrap paper before throwing it away.  

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Don’ts Of Office Waste Removal

There are different things you don’t do when in terms of office waste removal. Check them out below.

  • Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute To Dispose Office Waste 

It’s a great approach not to wait until the last minute to dispose of office waste. If a daily schedule is needed and doable, do so, as it keeps you on top of all the waste. That way, you can prevent unsightly overflowing bins when waste starts to accumulate. Take an individualized approach by assessing what time frame and schedule work best for your office. 

  • Don’t Put Electronics And Batteries In The Office Bin 

Old electronics and batteries to be thrown away should be placed in a separate bin, not in the office bin. They may be recyclable, but they must be segregated and sent to the appropriate agencies dealing with it. Batteries and old electronics are particularly hazardous, hence the need to separate them from the regular waste stream. 

The Bottomline 

The guidelines mentioned above are worth emulating because they protect you and give the same protection to the environment as well. As a part of their corporate social responsibility, businesses must take care of and preserve the locality where their office is located. These may only be small steps, but if every organization follows suit, all those little efforts come together to create a significant impact. 

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