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Top Currency Converter Apps 2019

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Doesn’t matter you are a trader or a normal individual, at a certain moment you need a currency converter app to assume your expenditures in your local currency. When we move to other countries for business purpose or for just spending holidays, we must have a currency converter in our smartphone to calculate the expenses. Indeed to be updated with the different currency rates, these apps do a pretty good job. If you are looking for the top currency converter apps to access the real-time conversion of any currency across the globe.

Let’s get started and explore the best money converter apps to keep a track on the currency rates in various countries. Not only currency rates but also these apps offer you additional facilities amalgamated with them.

Top Currency Converter Apps 2019
Best currency converter apps

Best Currency Converter Apps

XE Currencynew

XE Currency converter is one of the best apps among all and the app supports Android, iOS, and Windows as well. XE Currency is loaded with multiple features and its easy to use interface makes it more approachable. The app supports each and every currency in the world and you can even use this app without internet connectivity.

Currency calculator and currency monitor are the additional facilities of the app with which you can keep a track on up to 10 desired currencies.

 Converter Pad

Another money converter app in our list is Converter Pad which is considered as one of the most reliable applications among all. Just like XE Currency, it offers you an intuitive interface and you can convert one unit to another without any hassle.

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Converter pad application supports 160+ currencies and compatible with over 25 languages. Nevertheless, the app offers you real-time conversion and calculation and also posses the Wikipedia search option for additional unit information. Not only for professionals but also for a common man it is a must installed currency converter apps.

Exchange Rates

If you want to stay updated with various currency rates with your handiest tools then Exchange Rates is for you. This is one of the best currency conversion apps out there. Not only currency conversion but also you can calculate the various currencies with its calculator feature.

The most notable aspect of Exchange Rates is its automatic sync with the latest currency updates. After downloading the app you get fresh updates about currency rates and exchange rates from across the globe. Support for 60+ languages stands it out among the horde of different currency converter apps.

Currency Converter Plus

There are multiple reasons to opt for a currency converter and I can bet this one will serve all your needs. Currency Converter Plus acquire a user-friendly interface along with a built-in currency calculator to compare various currencies within your fingertips.

The app supports a wide array of currencies and gives you real-time updates. Support for Bitcoin and the ability to function without an internet connection make the app special. If you are a traveling geek then install the app now to stay updated with different currency rates.

 My Currency

Our another currency converter tool is My Currency which is pretty easy to use and also offers you an attractive interface. The app supports over 150 currencies including Bitcoin and other digital coins. While on the go you can assume instantly the worth eh of your currency within seconds. The app works even if the internet is not available.

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The app is specially designed for latest iPhones and iPads so if you have the newest iOS device then try it for all your money conversions needs.

Valuta+ App

If you are looking for the super easy and free to use currency converter then our next pick is the best for you. Valuta+ is extremely simple to use and with this application, you can convert exchange rates with just a single blink of your eyes. The app supports 170+ currencies and also functions on an offline mode.

Valuta+ is known for its simplicity and faster conversion capabilities so folks to be updated with multiple currency rates install it now.

Before you go…

Well, folks, these are the best currency converter apps to get an in-depth analysis of different currencies. All the apps are easy to use and possess different features to serve all your money conversion needs. I hope after observing the post you would definitely install one of them to assume currency rates.

If you have any other money converter app then please share with us. We will update it in our list after testing it. For more valuable posts stay connected with news969 till then happy exchanging.

Thank you!

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