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Why Apple iCloud shutdown

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Apple icloud shutdown took the users to complain via Twitter

On Tuesday evening, many people took on to twitter to complain about the breakdown of the apple icloud services. They were facing problems with error messages with account sign in, iCloud Mail, and web apps via iCloud.com. All the errors started to show around 7 PM.

Apple icloud shutdown

Seeing the number of complaints increasing, Apple acknowledged that apple icloud shutdown problem. Many of the complaints were the same or of the same kind with error messages. They were basically suggesting the absence of the selected application. Moreover, a website by the name of MacRumors stated that other apps like Apple Pay and password generators were facing the same issues though apple is yet to accept so.

Tiago Tomas also posted a screenshot of the error message on twitter to report the outage of the apple iCloud services. There was another user by the name Bogdan Zadorozhny who posted on twitter saying “@AppleSupport is there apple iCloud outage? I am not able to log in via the browser and also all of my mails apps are failing to sign in..”.

To this Apple icloud shutdown, support replied “Thank you. We are investigating and will update our system status page as more info becomes available”. There are many such examples of reports. Around 8.30 PM Apple system status page reported about repair and resolved of the iCloud services shutdown.

Furthermore, on the other hand, the company’s support account on Twitter is still giving clarifications to users who are facing issues as well as giving news of the investigation. Also, things like these are very disappointing as people have huge trust in the brand “Apple” because of how a smooth and secure experience they are believed to provide to their users.

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