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Beauty is strong as steel

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The main task of design is a combination of beauty and functionality: a beautiful object should be comfortable to use. For the sake of this, work is underway to select the size, color and material of interior items — they determine the so-called “designer weight”, which is measured not in kilograms, but in visual sensation. Finding a gift in this area is a difficult task, since a new item may not fit into an existing interior. But if we are talking about a gift for a veteran, a man with an iron will and nerves of steel, you can safely buy metal art wall decor.

Why did it become popular?

Metal wall panels and other similar decorative elements migrated to modern apartments from the lofts of the mid-20th century. The post-war crisis in America and Europe made it impossible to continue using the plants and factories built in the center of a large city. Production sites and warehouses have moved to the outskirts or outside the cities, and the former premises were left empty in the center of metropolitan areas. And their prices are at their lowest.

Therefore, mostly poor people lived in such hostels – poor conditions, but cheap rent. Over time, people of art began to appear among the tenants – artists, sculptors and photographers. And for them, such conditions turned out to be ideal – a large space, albeit unkempt, made it possible not only to live indoors, but also to work. Still for a small rent.

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Creative owners of lofts settled in new premises and furnished them to their liking – conceptually. The large volume of the room was complemented by bulky furniture, and the peeled brick walls were decorated with massive metal products: metal and stone perfectly emphasized the brutality of the situation. Over time, the “loft” style has taken root in the central areas of American and European cities, the prices for such apartments have risen, and quite respectable people have become their owners.

However, now metal wall art, made beautifully and competently, can decorate any room, as it carries a combination of power and grace, like a steel bar bent into a flower. This has been proven by many manufacturers of goods that are presented in stores such as Galaxate.

What are wall decorations?

To understand the general trend of decorating walls with various types of decor and choose the most suitable option for your purposes, you need to familiarize yourself with all types. The biggest difference between wall decors is found in the material.

  • Wallpaper

We are used to wallpapering the walls completely, but making a panel from wallpaper is the opposite task. Against the background of a monochromatic wall, the masters make art, which, in its partiality, emphasizes the integrity of the interior.

  • Tiles

Differ in brightness of paints, big contrast and high functionality. The tile washes well, so it always looks clean and beautiful.

  • Paper

A very flexible material, its versatility allows you to create flat and voluminous figures, and the difference in colors and low cost further expands the design possibilities.

  • Gypsum

It always looks stylish because it deforms the volume of the surface in the direction necessary for the designer and allows you to control the play of light and shadow on curved lines.

  • Fabric

This is a solution for customers who prefer originality and stylistic experiments with the textures of finishing materials.

  • Wood

Allows you to fill the space with natural warmth, and a variety of species, textures and shapes gives the maximum realization of the idea.

  • Metal

The material gives the interior a minimalism wrapped in modern elegance. In combination with other decor accessories, metal turns the inner cold into an outer coziness.

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According to the form in practical application, most often wall metal decorations are:

  • rectangular (square)
  • round (oval)
  • curly.

In original gift shops (Galaxate in particular), there are ready-made, time-tested gift solutions in the form of metal wall art.

Installation of metal decor

In addition to the conceptual development and implementation of ideas in metal, you need to understand how to properly install the finished product. To do it yourself or tell the recipient of the gift.

There are two options for fixing wall art:

  • with self-tapping screws through external holes
  • with hidden fasteners using back plates.

Do not worry that the products will fall:

  • they are mostly carved or hollow
  • the thickness of the metal approximately corresponds to glass or plaster
  • there is a clearly calculated number of attachment points.

If you change your mind about the size or color of the gift, and you or your recipient cannot do the installation yourself, there is always the opportunity to contact the specialists that are available in any store that sells metal decor.

Unique Contrast

One of the main techniques of design art is contrast — a play on the difference: colors, shapes, materials. A red armchair will stand out in a white room, a round table — surrounded by square cabinets, an illuminated area — against a darkened one. In this sense, a metal wall decoration always compares favorably, since there are few metal furniture or decor items in a modern house. So, it is original and suitable for a gift.

When you decide on the form, the content can be viewed in the product catalog of specialized stores. Do not think that if the idea already exists in a particular form, then it is not original. This is true for the seller, but not for the buyer or his recipient because he does not have such a thing on the wall. The task is only to find among the assortment the most appropriate option for your idea.

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When it comes to a gift to a veteran, then a metal wall decoration is a good choice — it corresponds to the unity of form and content. “Iron” man and his dwelling to face the object of art made of steel. Such a gift will certainly be original and bring aesthetic pleasure.

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