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5 big mistakes WWE made on SmackDown’s Draft

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Hey friends, Do you love watching wrestling? Today I am here to discuss the 5 big mistakes WWE made on Smackdown. WWE turned Raw and SmackDown upside down and inside out during the Superstar Shakeup. The half part of WWE has already finished. We marked the ending of Day 1 and all thanks to a great main event and a magnificent finish, the overall impact of the show was appreciable. Undoubtedly, this week’s performance is better than last week, where the act was more piled to cover everyone in such a limited time.

The show went well and the overall response and reviews are good. If you have noticed, you might come across some mistakes made in the show. I am going to discuss those big mistakes WWE made. WWE had made certain mistakes, particularly with certain draft picks. This normally happens in Drafts and has been occurring for a long time now, it’s just that we usually forget the past drafts due to wistfulness. Here are the big mistakes WWE made on SmackDown for Day 1 of the Draft.

5 big mistakes WWE made on SmackDown's Draft

5 big mistakes WWE made on SmackDown’s Draft

1) Signs Of Overstacking one roaster

The Officials of USA Network and FOX have direct control over the Draft and they can decide which superstar goes where. If we analyze the things and the show, we could confer that it seems here FOX wins. It makes sense economically because FOX is paying way more, but we should remember that we now have a roster on SmackDown that already features Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman, Sasha Banks and The Revival. While there’s still an entire episode to change it around, WWE is likely going to overstack one roster and that will be SmackDown.  The overstacking of one roster may be harmful to SmackDown and RAW and is one of the big mistakes WWE made.

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2) Wasting a spot by drafting a Tag Team separately

In WWE draft rule said that “Tag Teams can be drafted as one unless Network executives choose otherwise”. When Alexa Bliss was selected individually in 3rd round to RAW, the hypothesis was that she was being split from Nikki Cross following their Tag Team title loss. It didn’t make sense since they weren’t finished with their storyline with The Kabuki Warriors – the Japanese duo who recently dethroned Cross & Bliss. However, one round later, Nikki Cross was drafted to WWE RAW as well. If WWE was going to Draft the two to the same brand, what was the point of doing it separately rather than using one spot to send them together as a tag team? It was a waste of a spot because there were quite a few superstars that were forgotten about. It was an unnecessary use of a spot, but then again, the whole 4th round seemed a bit sketchy with the average picks. Perhaps it was by design and if so, it was a bad one.

3) Chad Gable to Shortly Gable

Does change the name affect the overall performance? does a name change considered as a mistake? WWE has formally changed the name of “Chad Gable” to “Shorty Gable”. I am here not going to discuss in depth why it’s a big mistake rather at least notice the truth that it hinders the potential of a great talent like Chad Gable. Gable was always overlooked on the main roster, even when he debuted with American Alpha. This reveals a naive storyline and I am wondering how gable is feeling after been overlooked and name change. Even if it’s a storyline where Gable is “embracing” his height, it still makes no sense. The storyline is that Baron Corbin is a high school bully. Really?

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4) The rivalry was not Impactful

When The “Fiend Bray Wyatt” beat “Seth Rollins” after “Clash of Champions 2019”, the game was immediately assumed to be the most exciting fight. after a few weeks, the game approached and it was considered to be the highly-anticipated Universal Championship match ever. but when it is finally revealed that fight was pointless, it seemed that entire hope was crashed down. “Roman Reign”s was nowhere to be seen and Rollins nearly passed out. With Wyatt going to SmackDown and Rollins likely staying on WWE RAW, that was the end of the rivalry. Wyatt didn’t get the title, but he did choke him out. That was underwhelming and safe to say – a big mistake.

5) Superstars gone Undrafted

Some superstars have been overlooked or undrafted in the show. These are  Cesaro, Chad Gable, EC3 and Drew Gulak. All of this, the Lucha House Party was amazing decision. I couldn’t understand why the most loved “Cesaro” was undrafted?  Positively, WWE will do justice to the superstars. It appeared as though Round 4 was assigned to mid-card to low-level superstars and hopefully, being overlooked doesn’t mean being forgotten about creatively. The abrupt missing of Sheamus is disturbing many fans and it is still unknown that he is injured or what? Batista declared that he wasn’t injured.

Final Verdict…

Well, friends, this is my personal view that you can not be everyone’s cup of tea. So, everything is good but maybe not matching your level of viewing the show. I would not say that the show was bad, rather it may be the scenario that your expectations are very high. The best stars are here to perform in the show and the mistakes can be slipped through.

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