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How to Earn Lots of Money on Nintendogs in fastest way

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Want to make money in a Real-pet simulation game? Do you want to know the tricks to earn lots of money on Nintendogs? IF yes, You are lucky to land here. Nintendogs is a Video game developed by Nintendo for Nintendo DS long back in 2005 in Japan. Later the game is released in several regions across boundaries. Today I am going to discuss some smart yet important tips to Earn money which is very important to buy the basic amenities in the game. Scroll down to know more!

How to Earn Lots of Money on Nintendogs in fastest way
Earn Lots of Money on Nintendogs

How Nintendogs works?

There are two coins in the game, money and “trainer points”. Money is used to obtain items, whilst trainer points increase or decrease depending on the actions of the player.  With more points, players can purchase dogs and background to decorate their house. By walking their dog, players earn trainer points. The number of points earned depends on the length of the walk, and activities played on the way. While the dog walks on the way sometimes a question mark icon appears on the map representing the neighbourhood dogs present in the area. The player’s dog will bark once when finding a “?” mark icon that is a present, and usually bark twice if it is a community dog. If the dog is finding another dog, the player’s dog may fight or play with the other.

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How To Earn money?

You can earn money from contests and selling items. The dogs you have can be trained and take part in three different contests, Obedience Trials, Agility Trials, and Disc Competitions. Each competition is further divided into 5 classes starting from beginner to the championship and accordingly difficulty level will also increase. As the level increases the player will earn more money. Out of the competition, three players are chosen to be winner, first runner-up and second runner-up. Each competition is prepared for in different locations such as disc at the park, agility at the gym, and obedience at home. Only three contests can be listed per dog per day.

Money can also be earned by selling items. Sell the items you found on the road by walking or purchased before. Remember, rare items are more valuable and thus gives you more money. To sell an item, you need to go to the “Secondhand Shop” in the “Shopping” menu and browse your supplies list for items that are not needed anymore.

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How to Earn Lots of Money on Nintendogs

Following 8 steps will teach you how you can make a lot of money on Nintendogs.

Step1: Turn on your Nintendo DS and click on the “small DS” somewhere at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Click on the blue picture with a clock and a calendar.

Step3: Now click on the clock, Please note do not click on Alarm Clock. 

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Step 4: Set the time to 23:59 then confirm.

Step 5: Put your stylus on the calendar and set the date to two days before the date you are as of now. Then choose to confirm.

Step 6: Now turn off your Device(Nintendo DS) and Turn it on After some time.

Step 7: Touch your Nintendog’s game and wait for 1 minute until your clock reads 00:00 or midnight.

Step 8: Take one of your dogs out to a competition and there you have it, you should be able to enter into a competition now and by doing this you’re dog will return with money if you win 1st 2nd or 3rd place

Point to Note: You can repeat the process as many times as you want. you will need only Nintendo Ds and any release of Nintendogs.


Final Words

Hey players, the process is not at all difficult and this guide will help to earn money on Nintendogs. Try it once and then, again and again, to succeed.

I hope you will like this guide. Share your feedback. Thank you!!

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