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Popular free movie streaming sites got banned recently due to piracy

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Hi everyone watching movies and tv shows are one of the best ways to kill the routine boredom, but it is not possible for everyone to buy a monthly subscription of paid streaming sites to watch entertainment stuff. So there are so many free movie streaming sites start to offer content free of cost. As we all know watching content on free movie streaming sites involves a lot of risk and users can face legal issues or can lose their personal information. But still the piracy is not stopping and there are os many movie streaming sites still exist for free streaming. There are so many free movie streaming sites recently got banned under the law of showing prohibited content. Here we bring out the list of most popular free streaming sites got banned in 2018-19.

Popular free movie streaming sites got banned recently due to piracy
movie streaming sites got banned

Why Paid streaming sites charge a monthly fee from users?

There are so many streaming sites which are paid, safe and legal to signup but they all are almost paid. Some of the paid popular streaming sites are Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and many others, these sites do not provide free entertainment stuff, because they need to pay to Publishers and media house to post the content on their services. Publishers and media houses provide copyrighted content to theses paid streaming sites for a fixed amount of money. So obviously the streaming sites will have to charge from the users to meet the expenses of showing content on a regular bases.

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Why free movies streaming sites got banned or stopped working?

As we already discussed at the start of the article the free movie streaming sites are not legal and safe, the quantity of risk is quite high in such sites for streaming. Because the free movie streaming sites provide the content to users for free without any cost of signup, Any users can access these sites to watch movies and tv shows for free. These movie streaming sites post the content of media houses and publishers without their consent which is illegal, so such movie makers and publishers take action against these sites and the result is these sites stopped working or got banned from Google.

List of Top free movie streaming sites got banned in 2018-19

Here are the list of top sites got banned or stopped working due to piracy and showing content illegally. let’s have a look at these sites:


Showbox was one of the most popular movies streaming sites all over the world. The site was banned by end of 2018. The Twitter was flooded with the users’s queries about ShowBox stopped working issue. But after a few months, people accepted that Showbox is finally dead and they will not able to streaming free stuff anymore on ShowBox.


Another big name included in the list of banned streaming sites is MovieBox, This sit was quite popular among users for free stuff. MovieBox was also got banned in 2018 before ShowBox. The trend of banning free movie streaming sites didn’t stop yet, still, the law and order are quite strict against piracy.

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CotoMovies recently got banned from all over the world, Is is a few months back when we got the news that CotoMovies stopped working, and the news comes the is finally died due to facing legal issues from many movie makers.

There are so many other sites included in the list getting banned like F-movies, 123movies, popcorn times and so many others. So be careful while choosing movie streaming sites, because you can also face serious legal issues for watching illegal content.

What to do for safe streaming

The users have the option for secure streaming which is the use of VPN stand for the virtual private network. Make sure you are using the secure paid VPN for torrenting or movie downloading. There are so many reliable VPN available you can use. You can use VPNs for Hulu, VPNs for Netflix or for free streaming as well. Using a VPN means your browsing history will be stored and also your personal data will be safe.

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