Vital points you need to be aware of oilfield accidents

Vital points you need to be aware of oilfield accidents
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Working in the construction industry is probably one of the first dangerous professions that comes to mind for the majority of people. But working in an oil field might be just as dangerous. Businesses are attempting to extract even greater revenues from their employees. Workers are under tremendous strain as a result of this. A single momentary break in concentration might have disastrous results.

Please contact an oilfield accident attorney as soon as you can if you’ve experienced an oilfield injury and you can learn more about them. They have years of expertise advocating for clients who have suffered serious injuries as a result of workplace accidents. Let’s take a quick look into the important points that you should know about oilfield accidents. 

#1: Oilfield is one of the most dangerous places to work

It is impossible to overestimate the risks associated with an oilfield. Not only is the work highly demanding, but there are risks present all the time. Chemicals, large machinery, moving vans, and several more things are among them.

Oilfield workers frequently have to put in long shifts for multiple days at a time, which only makes the situation worse. They may get drowsy and forgetful as a result, which increases their risk of making mistakes. Oil firms frequently demand increased work, which could be disastrous. 

#2: Oilfield injuries can lead to long-term damage

An oilfield accident may result in permanent disability and a lifetime of pain. Below is a list of a few of the injuries that frequently happen.

  • Burns: Burns are among the most frequent workplace accidents, which is not surprising given the abundance of flammable materials in an oilfield.
  • Neck and back pain. Oilfield workers regularly need to move heavy tools around in addition to being exposed to a variety of other risks. If you lift these instruments incorrectly, you run the risk of suffering a serious back injury.
  • Head trauma. Even if employees wear protective helmets, this can still happen. Falls and other accidents can cause concussions and other sorts of brain damage.
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#3: There occur 50-100 oilfield deaths in a year

Tragic consequences result from oilfield incidents much too frequently. According to estimates, the rate of worker fatalities in the oil and gas sector is seven times higher than in any other sector.

These are only a few of the various accidents kinds that can be fatal.

  • Fires and explosions. Anyone who has spent any time working in an oilfield is likely to have been close to an explosion. Both drilling and seemingly safe activities like welding have the potential to set off explosions that result in large fires.
  • Mishaps from machinery. Oilfields are incredibly active locations with constantly operating gear. It doesn’t take much imagination to envision how disastrous the outcomes can be when a piece of machinery strikes an oilfield employee!

Therefore, now that you’re aware of the few main points about oilfield accidents, make sure you wear your protective gear while working and also have your insurance coverage in place. This will not only save you dollars but also help you retain your peace of mind.