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Why Japanese Gamers Don’t buy Xbox?

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Why Japanese Don't purchase Xbox

Before the launch of Xbox, Microsoft was known for its software and when the tech giant revealed the creation of gaming console everyone was in surprize. Approx 20 years later Microsoft’s Xbox has become the topmost choice for all video game lovers and now Microsoft is giving the head to head challenge to Sony and Nintendo.

Xbox grabbed the attention from all over the world but still, there is a market where this popular gaming console is totally neglected. I am talking about Japan where the console failed to achieve its user base.

In 2001 Microsoft launched Xbox One and that time Japan was the huge giant in the gaming market. Japan was the country where three great gaming console manufacturers exist: Sony, Sega, and Nintendo. Simply Xbox has to face the three giants in Japan and also ended up the confusion of Japanese gamers.

Microsoft also had to convince the Japanese game developers to create the games for their console. One more hurdle in Xbox’s path to reach the Japanese customers was it’s bulky design and it was tough to end up their skepticism.

Xbox couldn’t convince the Japanese user base yet and still, the gaming giant is struggling for its existence in the Japanese market. In the mid of 2019 46.9 Million, Xbox Ones have been sold out throughout the world but you would amaze to know that in Japan it achieved only 0.3% of total sales. Indeed Japan is the huge gaming market, Dean Takashi, The chief author at GamesBeat at VentureBeat, confirmed Microsoft doesn’t trust Japanese customers.

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As per Microsoft Japan is a really important portion of its gaming community and they are trying to convince the Japanese gamers with the innovative gaming content.

For Japanese users, the first preferences are Playstation and Nintendo Switch but things are changing steadily. Let’s wait and watch how Microsoft will prove its excellence in the Japanese market to grab their attention.

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