4D Lotteries on Winbox

4D Lotteries on Winbox

4D Lotteries on Winbox
4D Lotteries on Winbox
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For your information, Winbox also provides a platform for betting in EKOR 4D Lotteries where customers can bet in several types of Lotteries games. Customers may choose which lottery games they like and drawing random numbers that they predict has a chance of winning prizes. Lottery games have different rules and laws from other gambling games in Winbox. A lottery game only needs a small amount of betting that gives a higher prize if they are lucky. Customers only need to predict and choose which numbers they like and draw it in any games such as Magnum, Toto, or Damacai. After that they need to wait for the results to see how lucky they are in drawing lucky numbers.

Basically, the process of drawing numbers in 4D lotteries is the same, where customers need to place their bet in any numbers that are available in different types of games. The simplest way to bet in 4D lotteries is straight bet, where customers can simply select any numbers they like and place their bet. The prizes of every bet is different depending on where their numbers are displayed whether it is a 1st,2nd, or 3rd prize numbers, or displayed in a special and consolation column. If their numbers were displayed in any of these columns, then they are considered winning the betting, then they may try to place another bet or draw another number the next day.

In Winbox Casino, if the customers or players win the betting, they may claim their winning prize via the application or contact Winbox’s customer service. Claiming the winning prize in Winbox is faster and easier than other platforms because customers or players only need to claim their winning prize online without any issue. Firstly, customers or players need to screenshot or save their receipt after they draw their numbers or place their betting, then they need to wait for the results whether it is in Magnum, Toto, or Damacai games and claim their winning prize, same as the real 4D lotteries, but via online.

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The prizes for every game are the same but it is different in every result column. Basically, in Malaysia, 4D lotteries in Winbox’s payout is RM3500 for the 1st prize (Big), RM5000 (Small), RM1200 for the 2nd prize (Big), RM2400 (Small), and RM600 for the 3rd prize (Big), RM1200 (Small). Other than that, the 5D payout is RM20,000 for 1st prize, RM10,000 for 2nd prize, and RM5000 for 3rd prize. 5D betting games require players or customers to draw 5 digit lucky numbers for betting and the prizes are usually higher than 4D lotteries. Meanwhile for 6D lotteries the 1st prize is RM150,000, RM5000 for 2nd prize, and RM500 for the 3rd prize. Through Winbox, all payment or winning prizes are fully 10% released to customers without any commission, differently from other 4D lotteries platforms.

4D lotteries provided by Winbox are such as Magnum, Toto, Damacai, meanwhile with 5D and 6D are Singapore, Sabah, Sarawak (Sweep), Lucky Hari-hari, and Perdana where customers can choose which games they prefer. The prizes are almost the same in every game, but the winning prizes are usually different depending on how much money do the customers bet. In short, 4D lotteries provide lucrative prizes to customers even if they only use a small amount of bets, but they are able to win a big prize based on the payment system in every game.

That is why if you are interested in betting in 4D, 5D, or 6D lotteries, you should try betting through Winbox because it is the most secure platform to bet and withdraw or claim the winning prize. Furthermore, the prizes are higher than any platform whether it is an online platform or at the 4D lotteries centre. Besides having a higher payouts, customers or players also can claim their winning prize way faster and easier through Winbox, because it is an application that operates 24/7 to provide good services and fulfil every customer’s desire. So what are you waiting for? Draw your lucky numbers now then place the bet in every game you like and win the bigger prize and receive your payment way faster and easier.

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