An overview of Amazon Seller Central

An overview of Amazon Seller Central

An overview of Amazon Seller Central
An overview of Amazon Seller Central
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The third-party seller’s resort to Amazon Seller Central API for selling their products or services. For all those who are not familiar with what it is, this is an interface that is used by Amazon sellers to manage and sell their orders. Selling through this platform has numerous advantages though you are free to do it on any platform that would determine the success of your business. Below are mentioned some of the benefits of selling on Amazon seller central API that would enable you to reap the benefits.

What is Amazon central seller and how does it work?

Amazon central seller as discussed earlier is the interface of Amazon where the merchants sell products directly to the consumers. It is considered a marketplace or third-party Amazon seller. The sellers on Amazon are responsible for setting up and maintaining their trading accounts.

The seller can list, sell or market the product themselves. Apart from that you may use the Amazon seller dashboard to organize and monitor inventory, pricing, advertising, reports etc. Below are a series of steps that would give you an idea of what Amazon central seller has to offer

  • Firstly, you need to set up an Amazon central seller account.
  • You need to ensure your Amazon central seller account with the two-step authentication process followed by Amazon.
  • Provide the employees with a VA access
  • Ensure that you are able to obtain more out of the business metrics
  • The product information will provide you with the full details
  • Be aware of how to navigate seller support
  • There is no point to neglect your customer support.
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By following the above steps, you can go on to maximize Amazon Selling Partner API.  Coming to the benefits of an Amazon seller central are as follows

Independent seller

Selling as a third party is synonymous with being an independent seller. The freedom is on your in deciding to run the business in whatever way you desire. You may sell at your own pace and if you are starting out at Amazon it is your discretion when to stop and when to sell. But being independent means that you are accountable for every decision that you make. You have the sole responsibility of managing your business. So, whatever is going to happen be it good or bad you are the one to be blamed.

Quick Payment

Once the customer has gone on placing an order you are expected to receive the payment within a week’s time. The greatest thing about selling via Amazon seller central is with delayed payment you are going to avoid budget issues. Amazon is going to pay you whether you have reached a desired quota or not.

Customer service

Selling via this platform indicates you are in charge of the entire business as you are exempted from providing superior customer service. What it means is that you have an opportunity to interact directly with your staff. You need to provide exceptional customer service to them and it should exceed all their expectations.

Having complete control

This turns out to be one of the major benefits of Amazon seller central that you may experience. Till the point of time, you stick to the rules and guidelines there are no restrictions on how you are going to run your business. You gain complete access to your product listings, and inventory along with customer service. You may alter and adapt them based on the changing needs of your business. This is taking into consideration the maximum number of times that you want for your business.

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Possibility of higher margins

As discussed earlier you have full control over your Amazon central seller account, it becomes easy to implement different pricing and marketing strategies. When it is done properly you tend to be away ahead of your competitors as this can set the tone for a higher profit margin.

The difference between Amazon vendor central and Amazon central seller

Distributors along with manufacturers use Amazon vendor sellers. If you are selling through this platform then you are the first-party seller acting as a supplier and selling the products to Amazon in bulk. The only way you can access this account is if you have a direct invitation from Amazon.

The invite is generated when sellers are known to generate demands for their goods or services and force Amazon to purchase in bulk via the vendor central program. The moment companies are known to sell through the Amazon vendor app, and ship via Amazon it appears on the vendor page.

There exist both pros along with grey areas when it comes to both platforms. Some of the benefits of using Amazon vendor are an increase in marketing opportunities, quality content management marketing tools or a simple business model. When it comes to the grey areas of this model include logistical requirements, price control, dearth of sales or channel diversification leading to a loss of brand control.

Now when we go on to interpret an Amazon central seller there are bound to be a few benefits if you compare it to the Amazon vendor seller like access to quality data, messaging control, price control or inventory control. If you figure out the grey areas it would be the sales or marketing along with the fulfilment costs.

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Seller central vs vendor central

It goes without saying that close to 50 % of consumers tend to use Amazon as a preferred vendor when it comes to online purchases. Hence it is necessary that you need to formulate appropriate strategies for reaching out to the customers of Amazon. If you do not do so the market is going to get the better of you. The day is not far off when Amazon is going to overtake Google.

To conclude there are no clear fix formulae when it comes to Amazon central or vendor central. It all boils down to your needs and what would suit you the best. Then you can choose what works for you.