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Do Love love to Travel? Are you planning a trip to London soon? If yes! Great! Today, I am going to discuss the best free things to Do in London. Whenever we plan a trip, the first thing we make is a budget and then plant he whole trip accordingly like the hotels, Rooms, Places to visit, etc. You can travel around the world but no city provides you with as many free things as London provides. This article will be helpful for you in many ways and provide you a complete guide of what are the best things you can do in London and that too free of cost.

London is a combination of World-class museums, wonderful parks, whirring markets, captivating cemeteries, charming churches, and remarkable viewpoints. Explore London without breaking your bank balance, everything from top attractions to stunning comedy nights, there are plenty of places to visit in London for free. Here are the top 5 free attractions and the best free things in London (Britain’s capital) you should not miss!


1) Houses of Parliament

Have you heard Big-ben? This is the place!

UK Parliament welcomes visitors year-round, from Monday to Saturday, to attend discussions and committee conferences. Take a tour of the world’s most iconic buildings.

This is the Castle to the world’s most famous clock, Big Ben (officially Queen Elizabeth Tower), the Houses of Parliament is a neo-Gothic place built in the 19th century(somewhere in the mid). It is made up of two houses, the Commons and the Lord. If you have book the tickets in advance, you may get a chance to go inside and watch British democracy in action. The place is open from 9 AM to 5 PM.

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Houses of parliament

2) National Gallery

A gallery is a place of artists, the painters usually! National gallery ia also a house of masterpieces by talented and most-famous painters including van Gogh, Renoir, da Vinci, and Michelangelo. Home to the world-class attractive art collections is the National Gallery of London. The entry is absolutely free and visits anytime from 9 AM to 5 PM. If possible avoid going on Friday night and weekend morning, to avoid hordes.

National Gallery london best free thing to do in london

3) Sky Garden

London’s Highest Public Garden! The best vintage attraction in central London where you can spend your day well without paying a single penny. A place with a combination of great food and bars and trust me, its the best place to hang out. You do not have to book any tickets. Sky Pod Bar, City garden bar, Fenchurch restaurant, Darwin Brasserie and much more to explore here. A worth seeing place from where you can see the whole of London! 

Sky garden best thing to do in london

4) East London Street Art

Do you want to explore some unique displays and love to know the specialty of the region? If yes, this place is for you buddy. The place is famous for having particularly awesome graffiti. The side streets around Brick Lane always yield some decent artwork, as do Middlesex and Sclater streets. I love to watch artwork and if you too, surely visit the place without a second thought. To reach here, The best place to start is the Shoreditch Overground station. Move-in any direction from here and you’ll find something fabulous.

Street art london

5) British Museum

One of London’s Top attractions is absolutely free, Welcome to the British museum! If you are a fan of watching the artifacts, evolution, history, and tradition, VISIT THE PLACE. Here you will find everything from Egyptian mummies to samurai armor and Anglo-Saxon burial treasures to the Rosetta Stone. The 80,000 objects on display at any one time only make up 1% of the eight million objects in the museum’s possession, notably. The Museum is open daily from 10 Am to 5:30 PM and till 08:30 Pm on Friday.

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Before you go…

Ladies and gentlemen, the list to visit the best places in London for free are much longer than I have discussed. The Changing of the Guard is a must-visit ceremony place and Albert Museum is worth seeing!  IF you have a lot of time to stay in London then you can add more to your list. If you have limited time, you should visit the top 5 best free things to Do in London.

I hope you would like the article. Travel around the world and enjoy.

Share your feedback. Thank You!!

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