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Avoid Expensive Photoshop? Try these free Photo Editing alternative

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When it comes to image editing, the first name comes in our mind is Photoshop. It is one of the most powerful Photo Editore comes with a bunch of photo editing features, even the Professional Photographers use Photoshop to edit the photos taken during big Photo Shoots. Nowadays it’s not just photo editing, its all about photoshop. It might be not wrong to say, no other photo editing software can perform like Photoshop. But sometimes it is not possible to afford the PhotoShop subscription for everyone and doesn’t want the millions of features that come with Photoshop CC, then you can go for the multiple Photoshop alternative.

There are dozens of free photo editors available in the market that you can choose for the photo editing. You just need to pick up the best photo editing software from the available ones to make your pictures more beautiful and amazing without spending a single penny. On Premium photo editing software like Photoshop, you can get great deals during  Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but for that, you will have to wait. If you can’t wait for the deals that you must go through the free photo editing software or the free alternative of photoshop.

After searching a lot we have found the best range of photo editors which is the best and comes with lot of powerful and new photo editing features. All these Photo editing tools are simple to use and give amazing looks to your pictures. One thing is noted to be here that most of the free photo editing tools available the limited photo editing tools, to unlock the premium features, you need pay for a subscription, or place a watermark on exported images.

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But the online photo editors for free, I am going to list here avail you all the premium features for free and also you can remove the watermark from the image. There are no restrictions on using any features of the tool for editing photos.

Here is the best photo editing software for free or Photoshop alternatives.

Avoid Expensive Photoshop? Try these free Photo Editing alternatives
Photoshop alternatives free for Photo Editing

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When it comes to free photo editing tools Canva is os of the perfect choice for you. You can find Canva in your browser easily, If look at the photo editing features, this is perfect to turn your pictures into the portrait. The Canva is available in free and paid both versions If you are looking for the advanced photo editing features like clone brushes and smart selectors than you have to buy the premium version.

For home users, the free version of Canva is good, Just signup to Canva using your email address and start using the tool. You will get 1GB free cloud storage for your snaps and designs, 8,000 templates to use and edit, and two folders to keep your work organized. There is a lot of background options and graphics available to make the images more attractive. Apart from this, you can use multiple video editing functions in the free version like vignette effects, sharpening, adjusting brightness, saturation and contrast, and much more.


GIMP is known as GNU Image Manipulation Program. This is another photo editing software you can use free to make your pictures mesmerising. In GIMP you will find the advanced and latest photo editing features that you find in premium photo editors. The tool getting continuous updates by adding news features and creativity.

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This is really a great photo editing tool, having lots of editing features like layers, masks, curves, and levels. You can make all important changes in the photos by using tools like healing tools, custom brushes. Anyone can use GIMP, because it is an open-source photo editor, the creators of the software, developed a lot of plugins to extend tha use of the service. There are so many plugins are pre-installed and others you can download from the glossary.


The 3rds photo editing tool we have chosen for you is Fotor which is totally free to download and use. This is one of the ideal photo editors for quick editing of pictures and gives it a quick boost. You can retouch the particular areas you are looking for using a clone brush or healing tool. The tool comes with high-end filters to give a shiny or matty look to the photos.

The Fotor comes with a modern photo editing toolkit, in which you will find all the possible tools required to make the pictures attractive and real. It is quite simple and user-friendly, The kit includes a wide range of vintage and vibrant colour tweaks, that you can get easily from the menu of the Fotor. You can change the size, level without any complexity.

The one of the main highlighted too of Foton is a batch processing tool which is missed in other free photo editors. You can feed a bunch of pictures in it and it will filter all of them in just one click. So if you have a lots of your pics in your memory card, use this tool to filter them quickly.

Final Words

So these are the three best free video editors we have listed here, you can use these tools easily for editing snaps. These tools are available on the web to download and install. Just instal these photo editors and make your pictures beautiful with outing spending money.

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