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Why you should not trust a free VPN? Reasons!

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Every coin has two sides and this law is applied in every walk of life. While the internet revolutionized our lives at the same time there are few disadvantages. When you browse the online era then you have to more attentive as plenty of cyber criminals exist to steal your confidential data. To safeguard your online activities you can rely on VPNs (Virtual Private Network) that will camouflage your personal data and online presence. But when things come in terms of choosing a VPN then most of the people attract the free VPN. But did you ever think of why they are free when the paid one exists in the market? What are the negative impacts of Free VPNs? Why you should switch to paid VPNs instead of free ones?

Hmm…free word grab the attention of everyone but is it appropriate to play with your online security just for free bucks? People choose Free VPNs but in fact, these VPNs tend to download malware in your system easily. I am not saying they are illegal but at a certain moment, they fail to safeguard your online activities and also keep a log of your online surfing. For more information, please visit: best proxies for aio bot.

Free VPN is not appropriate if you want military-grade security and to describe the negative impacts of Free VPNs I am here with my post.

Let’s scroll down and reveal what is the dark side of Free VPNs and what can happen if you choose Free over Paid.

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Why you should not trust a free VPN? Reasons!
Stay away from Free VPN providers

Why you should not rely on a Free VPN? Negative impacts of Free VPNs?

Choosing the right VPN is pretty daunting but it will be a blunder if you go for a free one. Here are the reasons to avoid VPNs that cost nothing:

Lack of transparency…simply dangerous

To safeguard the data of their users VPN provider needs expensive hardware and expertise as well. While they are not charging any fees in return then how would they pay for the maintaining costs? They share your data with Chinese authorities in return means you are paying your data if you are not paying money. Lack of transparency and suspicious privacy policies make them dangerous. So the choice is yours, free or paid?

Buffering can frustrate you

First of all answer a question. Why you choose a VPN? I know you choose a Virtual Private Network to access locked data and hide your IP. Suppose you are enjoying your favorite TV show or movie on Netflix via VPN and suddenly you encounter buffering, what would you do then? If you switch to a PVN provider that charges nothing from you then you have to face slow connections and buffering issues most of the time.

You can catch Malware in your system easily

As per a study, it is declared that over 30% of free VPNs contain malware and if you connect them then there are higher chances of getting malware in your system. The decision is yours now whether you want to pay a few bucks for a quality VPN or want to buy malware that would steal your private info like bank details etc.

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They can sell your data

When you get started with a VPN then they promise you to keep all your information secure and proper anonymity but they are lying to you. In fact, all the VPNs that are free to use keeps a log of all your online activities. They spy what are you browsing and which sites you are visiting. They collect your data and sell it to the advertisers and can redirect online traffic as well. They earn money by selling your data to the illegal authorities. I think you understood now why free VPNs are bad for you.

Ready to go…

A  wide array of premium and paid VPNs available in the market that fulfill all the security concerns that are required from a good VPN. So for saving few bucks why take risks and put your private info in danger. I think after observing the post you would never think to switch to a Free VPN provider and if you got my point then let me know below.

Still, any doubt regarding the post then put your query in the comment box to get the best answer. For more valuable updates stay connected with us till then Goodbye and safe browsing.

Thank You!

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