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5 quick Ways to Fix Netflix Not Working On Windows 10

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Looking for the best solutions to fix Netflix not working in windows 10? While you become addicted to Netflix, meanwhile Microsoft releases a special Netflix app for better user experience. But! the expectations don’t meet reality. As the app is launched, the users are expecting a lot from it, but the series of error shuts down all. The error may include an error message that the Netflix app stopped working or a blank screen, video not playing, and no sound from audio. Today, in this article I am going to discuss the top 5 ways to fix Netflix not working on Windows 10.

In this era of streaming, Netflix is on the top of all. Though there are many platforms like HULU, Amazon Prime Netflix is a top-notch platform. Every month some new releases are seen on Netflix. Netflix app is available for Android, iOS, Windows. Before reading this article further to look for other solutions. make sure that your Windows and drivers are up-to-date or at least of the recommended configuration. Scroll down to read the solutions to fix Netflix not working on Windows 10.

5 quick Ways to Fix Netflix Not Working On Windows 10
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5 quick Ways to Fix Netflix Not Working On Windows 10

1) Windows & driver updates and Updations for App

You need to check if any updates required For windows, Drivers or the app.  Maybe the version you have installed is not working well now.

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Windows Update

Open the Start Menu and type Windows Update there. Then Open the window and click Check for Updates. IF required, download the update. Remember to Update Silverlight if required as Netflix relies on it.

Drivers Update

Drivers here means Graphics i.e Display Drivers especially. Please note that the Drivers and windows must be compatible with each other.

App Update

Open the Start Menu and search for the Netflix app. Check for updates there. If available then download and update your app.

2) Reset and Re-install

Reset the data and then Re-install the app that may solve your problem. Sometimes while using the app some unwanted data gets stored in cookies and causes a problem. So it is required to reset the app.

Go to Start menu, Type “Windows Settings”. You will find apps icon there. Click on it. Choose Netflix and click on Terminate, Reset and then Uninstall.

Terminate will stop all the processes running in the background. This is necessary to escape from an abrupt ending that may result in data loss. The “reset” will then clean all the files in the app. Finally Uninstall. Then Install again.

3) Troubleshoot

Troubleshoot option for apps is available in Windows 10. In the search menu, go to windows settings. This will prompt a window. Now click on troubleshoot option and then click on “Find and Fix problem with Microsoft store app”. This will pop-up a new window. Click on the option “Automatic repair option” and press on the “next” button below. This will deal with all Troubleshooting problems.

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4) Firewall settings

Go to the search menu, then windows and firewall settings. Click on the option “Allow an app through Windows Firewall defender in both the networks”.

If you have an antivirus installed on your system then allow it to pass the data.

5) Delete mspr.hds file 

Netflix videos are DRM(Digital Rights Management) protected. You may require the Microsoft PlayReady program to stream DRM content. It is generally known to cause Netflix streaming to malfunction. Delete mspr.hds file to remove errors. It will push Windows to create a new clean one which will eliminate any errors. The steps to do this are:

Type “C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\PlayReady\” in address bar. Select all the mspr.hds files and press the delete button. Delete the files from the recycle bin as well. Now, go to the address “C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\DRM” and delete all these files from there. Restart your system and launch the app again.

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Final Verdict

Encountering problems while watching leaves a bad impression of the app and left us with a bad day. So it is extremely important to know the solutions that deal with these problems. It is very important to check Netflix status as well as sometimes Netflix server goes down. So, friends, these are the best 5 ways to fix Netflix not working for Windows 10. I hope you would like the article and henceforth will be able to solve the problem.

I hope it would be helpful. Mention in comments your feedback. Thank you!!

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