A Guide on How to Start Online Legal Services As a Lawyer

A Guide on How to Start Online Legal Services As a Lawyer

Online Legal Services
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As many other businesses have also started their operations in the digital platform, it is also possible to provide online legal services. Since the world has been hit with the Covid-19 pandemic, more people have shifted towards working from home. Almost all professions have started to think about ways to provide their products and services through online marketing.

As a lawyer, you can provide online sessions via video calls that are equally effective. 

Prós of Legal Online Consultations

It is quite easy for your clients to receive online consultation as they are not required to take time off from work and travel. They can easily consult with you from the comfort of home. Moreover, if a client contacts you during off-hours to ask many questions, it can be hard to ignore them and discuss the consultation price. One solution is to offer paid online call options to your clients so that your extra services are also paid. The payments are made automatically, and your client gets satisfied with their problems. 

For an online meeting with a client, you can do it conveniently from anywhere with just a laptop and documents for the case. It will enable you to be present for important clients while handling your consultations online. 

How to Advertise your Online Law Firm

Even when you provide excellent legal services, you might not get more clients unless you start implementing digital marketing strategies. Let’s get into some digital marketing strategies to help your online legal business grow.

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Prioritise your Website

Your main focus should be to create a high-quality website with a visually pleasing design and a friendly user interface. You need to provide information on exactly what services you offer like DUI cases, personal injury, divorce, child custody etc. 

You should also include a separate page about details on how to contact you and what your operating hours are. Provide adequate information on your site for your clients on how you carry out consultations online and in what circumstances you are required to be physically present. 

Optimise for Google Search Results- Online Legal Services

You need to promote your law firm on Google My Business to manage your listing on the Google search results. Create your profile by listing your firm’s name, address and contact information. It can help your law firm stand out more if someone searches for legal services around their area. 

Moreover, Google My Business allows you to post content and updates to let new clients know more about you. 

Social Media Marketing 

You can significantly grow your customer base by interacting with them on your business social media profile on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. Potential clients can look for information and even book appointments through social channels. 

You can post content relevant to your legal services and engage with the audience in the comment section. Reply to them about any queries regarding your services and how they can get in touch with you. Another great way to increase the number of followers on your social profile is to offer discounts on consultation fees on some occasions.

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