Beginners Guide To Roulette

Beginners Guide To Roulette

Guide To Roulette
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Most people can’t imagine their vacations not consisting of visiting, at least once, the casinos.- Guide To Roulette

They are fun and full of exciting games that will raise your adrenaline levels to the roof, especially if you are planning on trying out something new!

Most real money online casino games are intimidating for newcomers, so it’s best to start with something easy to learn and understand – the roulette.

American Vs European Roulette

As soon as you decide to test your luck with the roulette, you’ll shortly realize that there are two main types of roulettes – the American and the European roulettes. Although they might seem identical – a keen eye will notice a small, but crucial difference.

While playing the European Roulette, you’ll only have one number 0, whereas the American roulette offers you two number zeros. It might not seem like a large difference, but having one extra number in the pool significantly enhances the dealers’ odds of winning.

The dealer, regardless of the type of roulette, is the spokesman and your only enemy during the play. His interest is for the ball to hit a number that you have neglected while choosing your bet.

The game starts when you finish deciding on your bet. Be careful – you have a limited time when choosing a bet. If you aren’t quick enough, the wheel might begin spinning!

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What is a wheel?

The Roulette Wheel- Guide To Roulette

Every roulette consists of a roulette wheel and a betting table. (more on that later)

When the time runs out, the dealer will announce that all bets are closed. The game begins by rapidly spinning the roulette wheel, which consists of 37 numbers (European), or 38 numbers (American). 

At a precise time, a small white ball will be launched into the roulette wheel, spinning rapidly in the opposed direction from the roulette wheel. As time passes, the ball will lose its traveling momentum, causing it to slow down and gradually lower itself to the roulette wheel.

When it reaches a certain level, the ball will inevitably hit one of the pins located between the wheel and the ball, causing the ball to fall on the roulette wheel. Once it falls, the ball will immediately land on a number.

Depending on your bet (more on that later), you will either win the bet or lose it. All numbers found on the roulette wheel are listed on the betting table, where you have previously placed your bet.

The Betting Table- Guide To Roulette

As we previously mentioned, before the dealer announces that the bets are closed, you’ll have a fixed amount of time to place a bet. Newcomers usually decide to bet on the color, as it’s the easiest bet to track once the ball starts to spin.

There are only two colors present on the betting table – the color red and black (with the exception of the number 0, which takes the color green). The chance of hitting a color on the European roulette is 48.6%, whereas the American has a 47.4% chance.

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The same chance is present when you decide to bet on an odd or even number. People are even attracted to betting on a number from 1 to 18 (low), or to bet on a number from 19 to 36 (high).

The list of betting options goes on and on. But, once you get a hang of things, you’ll inevitably start betting on the three main called bets.

Three Main Called Bets

Probably the most favorite type of bet – the called bet consists of the following:

  • The zero game – all numbers closest to the number zero are in play. Those numbers are 22-18-29-7-18-12-35-3-26-0-32-15-19-4-21-2-25. The zero game is the largest called bet on the roulette wheel, followed by:
  • The third of the wheel – as the name suggests, this called bet consists of 12 numbers, those being 27-13-39-11-30-2-23-10-5-24-16-33. With a more common name “small series”, this is one of the most popular bets in roulette. Lastly, we have the:
  • Orphelins – with a total of eight numbers – 17-94-6-1-20-14-31-9, the “orphans” is the smallest called bet, located between the zero game and small series on the roulette wheel.


If you are a newcomer, and you wish to play real money casino games, then we highly recommend that you start that journey with roulette, more specifically, the European type.

As soon as you learn all about the roulette wheel and the betting table, you’ll be ready to make some money! Just remember – only gamble with money that you can afford to lose!

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