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A Beginner’s Guide to Survive in Minecraft PE

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Do you know how to survive in Minecraft PE? Are you searching for a complete guide? Minecraft comes with a lot of modes, And one of the most difficult mode to survive is “SURVIVAL MODE”. Players often do not enter into this mode as the have a fear to get desynchronized while playing. In this article, I am going to show you a beginner’s guide to Survive in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Survive in Minecraft PE

How to Survive in Minecraft PE Guide

Since the launch of Pocket Edition, more players have connected to the game gradually. If you are a master then you can build the entire kingdom in just an eye blink but if you are a beginner then you have o learn some basic tips and tricks. So it is very necessary to know the basic key factor that will lead you to a win-win situation. Let us begin discussing each key factor one-by-one in brief.

1) Day and Night Cycles

I think you are very well aware of mining during the first night. You have to dig a mine from your shelter. Remember to dig the mine in a staircase form otherwise you will be trapped there and can never get out of it. Bring your sword and pickaxe with you. Mobs are a threat during the night. This first-night mining is very beneficial for players as they may find some useful ores or powerful weapons during mining.

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Always do farming during the daytime as there is no threat from mobs. Build fencing, and start with a wheat and beetroot farm. When you dig the lands, seeds will be available to you. When wheat grows up you can feed to your animals. After a few night and day cycles, you will have a huge set of mine tunnels and a farm that includes both crops and animal pens.

2) The two MODES

Minecraft is a game of two halves one is Creative mode and the other one is Survival mode. Creative mode is completely different from survival mode. In creative mode, you will jump into the world with all the necessities with you and there you begin to start creating things. In Survival mode, you will enter into the world empty-handed and there you have to gather the necessities so that you can survive.

In creative mode, if you want to build a house then you have a lot of inventory in your stock like wood, planks that you can use. Whereas in survival mode, you first have to collect them and then make. Survival mode is the most difficult mode of the game where you first have to survive and then you can do other things. Beware of zombies and Creepers. Playwell in both the modes to survive in Minecraft PE.

3) Collect Resources

During the day time, you can leave your house/shelter for some time and go hunting. You can collect the resources in many ways and if you have just started, use your fists to collect the necessary resources. The more resources you have, the more chances of survival is there. Suppose if you Want to gather wood then you have to Start punching the tree until all that’s left is a pile of logs on the floor and you have woods in your knuckles. In the same way,  you can gather dirt, sand or clay from the ground.

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Point to note down: Hide during the night

4) Fire and Torches

To create a fire, you will need a lot of coal. Coal can be found beneath the earth, and you can get it by mining. The other way is, coal can be found by digging on sides of mountains, grey block with large black specks. That’ll be coal ore.

The good thing about getting one block of coal ore is that there are usually several blocks around it. Keep digging to get moe. When you drop a coal ore, you will get coal to create fire. By joining one stick and one coal you create four torches. Getting Torches means no more Stumbling at night.

5) Know your enemy

I hope you now very well know that night-time is when all the creepy beasts come out looking for you, but you’ll also see some in the daytime, too.  At rise, you’ll see the remaining zombies and skeletons burning under the scalding sunshine, which means you just need to be out of arm’s reach before they turn to dust. Spiders will remain but they won’t chase you should it be light enough–they only attack when it’s dark.

Point to Note down: Don’t attack if you don’t need to; you might not win. The only way to Survive in Minecraft PE.

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Final Verdict

Hey, Minecraft fans! These are some important things you must remember to survive in Minecraft PE. This is not the end, There are a lot of more things that will help you out during gameplay. Such as Fight with mobs, Create and Defeat Nether Spire, Crafting and much more. So stay connected to know more.

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I hope you would like this article. Share your feedback. Thank you!

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