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How to Break Bedrock in Minecraft

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Are you facing issues to break Bedrock in Minecraft? Minecraft is one of the most-wanted crafting games ever. Enter the world, survive the night and create your world with your own imagination. Get Ready for a never seen before experience of endless events as you build, mine, fight mobs, and explore the ever-changing Minecraft landscape. Buddies, in this article I am going to tell you how you can Break bedrock in Minecraft? Scroll down to know more.

In Minecraft, Bedrock is not a calk walk to break. It lines the bottom of the overworld and top and bottom of the Nether. In creative mode, bedrock is easy to break like any other block. In Survival Mode, the only way to break bedrock is to find glitches in the game to exploit to break bedrock. Unfortunately, Mojang keeps patching these exploits out of the game. There are many releases of this single game with different editions like Minecraft Java Edition, Bedrock Edition, PE edition, and Minecraft Pocket edition indifferent edition, bedrock is different. So here in this article I am going to discuss Bedrock in Java edition, There are many Minecraft seeds but some are better as compared to others, and hence the best ones too.

How to Break Bedrock in Minecraft
Break Bedrock in Minecraft

How to Break Bedrock??

There are various methods to break bedrock in Minecraft. I am going to discuss two methods in detail:

Method 1: Creative Mode (JAVA Edition only)

Step 1: Start the game by clicking on the grass like icon on your phone.

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Step 2: Click play to launch the game. The green button at the bottom or top of the page will launch the game.

Step 3: Select a Single-player or multiplayer option according to your wish.

Step 4: Now Go for the option “Survival mode game” to play the game in survival mode.

Step 5: Open the menu. The menu is represented by three horizontal lines or + symbol in some consoles.

Step 6: Go to settings and Allow “Activate cheats”

Step 7: Click continue then, this will allow cheats in your game.

Step 8: Return to the game and open the chat

Step 9: Type /gamemode Creative and press “Enter”. This will switch your game from Survival to Creative mode.

Step 10: Now press the right trigger on the block you want to break.

Method 2: Make Bedrock Smasher

Step 1: Place any block on the top of the bedrock you want to break.

Step 2: Place a piston on one side of the marker block in such a way that the head of the piston is against the head of the marker block.

Step 3: Place a sticky piston perpendicular to other pistons.

Step 4: Remove the marker block and add five obsidian blocks to the left of the piston. Obsidian is seen in caves where lava meets water. You need a diamond pickaxe to mine obsidian.

Step 5: Place 5 more obsidian blocks perpendicular at the end of the last obsidian block. You have to make it an L-shaped structure.

Step 6: Outside the last Block, place a lever.

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Step 7: On the other end of the block, Place an Activator Rail.

Step 8: Along the obsidian blocks, keep 10 Redstone repeaters (Outer side) and set them to their maximum setting(Right-click each repeater 3 times)

Step 9: Connect two sets of Redstone repeater with Redstone and on the TMT rail place a Minecraft.

Step 10: Place a stone block behind the piston.

Step 11: Activate the level to activate TNT and get to safety.

Step 12: Place a Redstone block on top of the headless piston and turn the lever off.

Step 13: Connect Redstone repeater to other pistons using Redstone and place Minecraft TMT on activator rail.

Step 14: Activate Lever and go to safety, Place a block on top of the piston.

Step 15: Turn lever off and remove repeater and obsidian blocks.

Step 16: Place piton over the block you want to break.

Step 17: Stack 4 blocks facing piston, then remove all and keep the top block only.

Step 18: Place a piston below the top block.

Step 19: Hold shift and place another piston below the piston facing down.

Step 20: Place a Redstone block next to the piston.

Step 21: Remove the top block, top piston, and the Redstone block attached to it.

Step 22: Place a cobblestone block on the floor next to the piston.

Step 23: Place three slime blocks in an L shape after the cobblestone block.

Step 24: Place a sticky piston next to the cobblestone block.

Step 25: Place four solid blocks behind the sticky piston.

Step 26: Place two Redstone comparators and two Redstone repeaters in front of solid blocks.

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Step 27: Place two more Redstone comparators and repeaters in front of the other ones.

Step 28: Place Redstone in front of the Redstone comparators and repeaters. Also, Place a lever next to the Redstone.

Step 29: Use Redstone to connect the two headless pistons to the lever.

Step 30: Activate the lever, Remove Redstone blocks, Deactivate the Lever.


Hey buddies, Got it? I know method 2 I quiet tricky, read again you will understand. Whatever the method, you will lose you will be able to break bedrock in Minecraft.

I hope the article will be helpful for you. Share your feedback. Thank you!!

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