Burning Slow, Burning Right: The Unique Features of RAW Black Papers

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If you’ve had the pleasure of lighting up more joints than candles on your last birthday cake, then you’d know that not all raw papers are rolled equal. The world of cannabis has seen some mind-boggling innovations over the years. From the wide variety of raw cones sizes to the intricate designs of pre rolled cones, we’ve come a long way. And speaking of innovations, let’s roll right into the crown jewel of the raw rolling papers collection: The RAW Black Series.

Being a veteran of the cannabis scene, I’ve wrapped my herbs in an array of papers, but nothing, and I mean NOTHING, has come close to the RAW Black series. Sure, every brand can claim they have the finest papers, but RAW isn’t just blowing smoke; they’re setting the industry ablaze. Why? Let’s unroll the details.

Classic Black – It’s more than just a catchy name. When RAW dubbed their paper “Classic Black,” they weren’t merely jumping on the bandwagon of fancy names. They were making a statement. This isn’t just any paper. It’s a union of tradition and innovation. While it retains the same natural qualities as the Classic, it proudly stands as the thinnest paper offered in the market. And by ‘thin’, I’m not just referring to its physical dimensions but its GSM – that’s grams per square meter for the uninitiated. In the paper world, it’s like the thread count of Egyptian cotton sheets, but for your weed. And RAW, in their ever-persistent quest for perfection, has gifted us with the smoothest paper on the market via their Black Series. Every puff is a testament to their dedication – allowing you to “truly taste your terps,” without a hint of paper overshadowing the flavor.

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Now, to the sizes. The Black series is a select club. It’s not available in every size you can think of. It’s exclusive to the King Size, King Size Slim, and the 1-1/4 Size. But wait, the innovation doesn’t stop there. We also have an Organic Hemp Black series – for those who prefer their smoke as Mother Nature intended.

Let’s address the green elephant in the room. Yes, the Classic Black is a tad pricier than the Classic. But, remember the precision involved in crafting these? It’s akin to an artist painting a masterpiece. The paper, still hailing from the sunny lands of Spain, undergoes a meticulous double pressing process, ensuring its unbeatable thinness. And fear not, for it remains free of any adulterants, staying true to the RAW ethos. Even the gum line doesn’t waver from tradition, employing acacia sap to keep your roll intact.

In this world of cannabis, where brands often overpromise and underdeliver, RAW Black papers stand out as a beacon of quality. Whether you’re packing pre rolled cones or savoring the ritual of rolling your own, this series promises an experience that’s unmatched. And for those who swear by the RAW Classic, think of the Black series as its suave, sophisticated cousin who studied abroad.

It’s more than just paper; it’s a legacy. It’s a testament to RAW’s relentless pursuit of crafting the perfect smoking experience. Each sheet of raw cones and paper from this collection isn’t just a product; it’s a piece of art.

And now, to wrap things up (pun fully intended), if you’re itching to get your hands on the best of RAW Rolling Papers and RAW Cones, remember: Green Blazer isn’t just another online store. We’re your trusted, award-winning hub for everything RAWthentic. Dive into our collection, and relish in the unparalleled quality, all backed by our unwavering customer service guarantee. Elevate your sessions and roll with the best. Only at Green Blazer.

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Green Blazer is a certified RAWthentic pre rolled cones distributor. They are a homegrown Las Vegas small business cultivating community and culture one cone at a time.

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