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Quick Guide to Download and Play Minecraft Pocket Edition 2019

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Minecraft Pocket Edition lets you play this acclaimed game even mobiles and tablets and on the go. The Sandbox style game was Initially developed for PC and consoles, the rapid demand for Minecraft has made the developers even cater to smaller niche users. There are a lot of features that Android users can take advantage of.

But before we get to the download bit here is an overview of Minecraft.

What is Minecraft Pocket Edition?

Minecraft is one of the most popular open-world games with the sandbox graphics. Giving you absolute freedom in terms of abilities in creating your own game and rules. And the extraordinary yet simple interface keeps its players hooked.

The Minecraft Pocket Edition provides you similar capabilities but not as expansive as Minecraft PC. But, the Pocket Edition gives you expansive MODs and Maps.

Even if a lot of people think that Minecraft and Minecraft PE is the same but once you start playing it, you will see the difference. Of course. the PE version has lesser features than Minecraft ( Full Version ). But, for players looking for the thrill and wants to play it on the go, Minecraft Pocket Edition has garnered a cult following.

But, the inventory menu on the Minecraft PE version will let you build anything and everything. Collect wood and coal and the MOD apk downloads will get unlimited coins and of course amazing ranges for addons and skins.

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With updated maps and a more interactive gamer module, the PE version has a lot to offer in comparison to the Minecraft full version available for PC.

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minecraft pocket edition

Minecraft Pocket Edition | Features

  • Minecraft-inspired gameplay and graphics
  • Customizable settings for terrain type and day length
  • Generated world based on your settings
  • Plenty of materials to mine and use
  • Roguelike game mode
  • Multiplayer realms – play up to 10 players
  • Minecraft Marketplace – access mods, skins, maps form the best creators
  • Minecraft Addons – customize yourself with a range of addons or create your own
  • Tweak the Weather & Much More – Change night and day and give things away
  • Join massive multiplayer servers

Download Coin Master for PC: Download for Windows 7,8,10 and MAC

Download Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android

We would also advise you to download the Minecraft Mod Master for your Android to access market place and other additional features in terms of mods, skins and more.

For Apple, users download the Minecraft PE version for iOS here.

Download Minecraft PE for PC

To get the Minecraft Pocket edition, firstly you would need to download the MOD version with the unlimited features. Once you get the Minecraft PE on your PC, you will see that there are a few differences between the Mine raft Pocket edition and Minecraft itself. Both equally designed for smooth user experience.

Firstly download the best Android emulator which works best for both operating systems, Mac and Windows 7,8,10. Download Bluestacks from here.

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minecraft pocket edition

Once you have got the emulator in your download folder, run the installer and install Bluestacks on to your PC/Mac. If you haven’t downloaded the Minecraft MOd apk from Android then click here for it again.

Now, go to your desktop home screen and open Bluestacks. And you will find the MOD master Minecraft Pocket Edition there. Run the game form Bluestacks and create your account and start playing!

minecraft pocket edition

Also, if you need a detailed guide to play through Bluestacks then click here for the Quick Guide to Download and Play Minecraft Pocket Edition 2019 on PC.


Minecraft Pocket Edition was designed to capture the android and on the go pocket gamers. Now, available with the same features for people who cater up a huge amount of the market share for gamers. Minecraft is undeniably one of the leading multiplayer games available in 2019.

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