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Elon Musk Cryptocurrency News

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Perhaps the most famous billionaire in the world, Elon Musk, is also an active participant of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Unlike others, his presence symbolises great weight in the industry due to his large investments, professional career and public image. In this article, we will talk about the most favourite Elon cryptocurrency and where to buy crypto.

What Does Elon Musk Have to Do with Bitcoin and Dogecoin?

The most favourite Elon’s crypto assets:

  1. BTC
  2. DOGE

Amid the crypto market rally in late 2020, Elon Musk stepped up his public comments about Bitcoin and Dogecoin, and soon after that, he began to develop initiatives with his companies, Tesla and SpaceX.

In January 2021, Tesla bought Bitcoin for the first and only time to date for a whopping $1,5 billion. Thus, it became the second registered company with the largest supply of Bitcoins in the world. It held the position for over a year before dropping to number four, according to BuyBitcoinWorldWide.

At the time of this investment, Elon Musk continued to tweet about the cryptocurrency and even put the hashtag #bitcoin in his Twitter bio. A month later, in an interview, he admitted that he should have bought at least some BTC eight years ago. He calculated that he was late to the market, which he classified as a party in the midst of his rise.

Continuing its support, Tesla began accepting Bitcoin payments in March of that year, although it was put on hold two months later. After the suspension, he repeatedly assured that he would accept this payment method again when about half of Bitcoin mining started using “green energy”.

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Then, intensifying his belief in the crypto memes, in May 2021, he announced that he was funding a satellite launch from his company SpaceX using Dogecoin. The initiative was named “Mission DOGE-1”. A month earlier, he had announced, without going into details, that the company was going to “literally send Dogecoin to the moon”.

Almost a year later, in January 2022, Tesla began accepting payments in Dogecoin, demonstrating its support, although it does not directly invest in this cryptocurrency. The only crypto asset in which he has a portion of his reserves is Bitcoin.

If you are wondering where to buy Elon Crypto? Dogecoin and Bitcoin are available on large crypt exchanges, for example, WHiteBIT, Coinbase, etc. Registered clients of these services can buy cryptocurrency with fiat money directly from their bank cards.