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Google Chrome Update for iOS and desktop users with most awaited features

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Google Chrome update for iOS and Desktop

Whenever things come in terms of browsing the internet the foremost name which strikes in everyone’s mind is Google Chrome. Indeed Google Chrome is the most renowned web browser across the globe because of its simple and easy to use design. Now, this popular browser is rolling out an update for iOS, MAC, Windows, and Linux which is Chrome 78. Google Chrome update is coming with most wanted features including a dark mode to give relief your eyes while surfing the online era in the night.

The latest version of the hugely popular web browser is available worldwide and offering you the surprising features. The dark mode is the most desired feature of the newest version and with this users can modify the appearance of the sites they visit via Google chrome. Dark mode will be visible everywhere including pages, bars, and menus. Moreover, pages will be upgraded with darker headings.

For desktop users, Chrome is offering new customization features for new tab pages and a single click call feature. Desktop users of chrome can make a call easily with the number that is showing on the desktop with the click to call facility. With this feature, you just need to right-click on the number that is visible on your PC’s screen and a prompt will occur asking the device you want to convey the number. After choosing the device chrome will convey it to your phone as notification and after tapping on the notofication you are ready for a call.

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How to update your Google Chrome browser?

To get the advantage of the latest Google Chrome update you have to update your browser but how. Have a look below to know how to update your Google Chrome browser:

  • First of all, you need to identify whether an update is available or not. For it on your PC and open up chrome and then observe the More button that is located at the top right corner of your computer screen. In case there is any update available then the color of the icon will change.
  • Now you need to click on the “Update Google Chrome” option.
  • After it clicks on the Relaunch option to get all the benefits of the latest update of your chrome browser.

Ready to avail all the latest features of your Gooogle Chrome browser

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