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HBO Max streaming cost, release date, eligibility

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Currently, Netflix is holding the crown of the king of streaming services but soon its true rival HBO Max Streaming is going to grab it. On Tuesday Warner brothers revealed that they are going to launch their streaming giant in May 2020. If you are a movie geek and curious to know how much HBO Max will cost, when will it be available for everyone and who are eligible to brag it for free then your search ends up here.

Warner brothers are ready to spread their wings in the streaming era and here we gathered all the updates regarding HBO Max Streaming available till now so start reading and reveal.

HBO Max streaming cost, release date, eligibility
HBO Max streaming

HBO Max Streaming release date

Warner Brothers have announced that HBO Max will reach the streaming lovers in May 2020 but it is still under folds who would be eligible for the service for free. The streaming giant will come with lots of new content along with the whole HBO service bundle. The 10 Million existing HBO users will enjoy HBO Max without any hassle and it is planned that they will sign up for the service on the initial day of launch.

The company’s plan is to reach 50 Million domestic subscribers and up to 90 Million users worldwide until 2019. HBO Max will give the head to head challenge to the leading streaming services including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, AppleTV+ and many more. Let’s wait and watch will Warner Brother succeed to get their goals with their upcoming project.

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HBO Max Streaming Pricing

HBO Max is going to be the most expensive streaming service when compared with the other existing streaming giants. Users can enjoy its stuff for $14.99 per month means HBO Max’s monthly subscription is $14.99. All the existing users of HBO will access the HBO Max without any extra charges.

Being a streaming geek you would probably know that Netflix costs $12.99, Amazon Prime $12.99 and Hulu $11.99 then why should you go for the higher costs. I think you would get the exact answer after subscribing for the HBO Max Streaming.

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Who would be eligible to get HBO Max free

The thousand dollar question is that who would be eligible to access the upcoming streaming service without any charges. And the answer is that all the HBO subscribers who acquire one of AT&T’s TV services would be eligible to enjoy it free for one year.

HBO Max will avail its users with 1800+ movies including the blockbuster movies of the last decade so I think all will subscribe for the HBO Max without bothering its higher cost.

Before you go…

HBO Max is set to reach you in May 2020 and if you are existing user then you would enjoy it free for one year. Warner Brothers have a strong belief that they would be successful to reach 75-90 Million subscribers worldwide including 50 Million users in the US. Will the traditional HBO service will merge in the HBO max or it will run stand-alone? Nothing is fixed and rest depends on the support of users.

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I hope you got the required info via the post and if you liked it then do share with your nears and dears. Are you going to subscribe to HBO Max or not? Are you ready to pay extra bucks for the streaming service? Let us know below in the comment section.

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