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Is Torrenting safe? Why you must use VPN while using torrent sites?

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Hi, Torrent freaks, Toady in this article we are going to solve a lot of queries about the Safety and legality of Torrenting.  As we all know most of us to love to download the online content related to entertainment like movies. tv shows and other entertainment stuff. And when it comes to downloading movies online, we start to search for torrent sites like uTorrent, Bittorent, Pirates bay, extratorrent and many other popular torrent sites to download movies. But before going for torrenting we need to know about the risk involved in it and how we can reduce or overcome the risk of torrenting. Nowadays law and order become very strong against torrenting and free movie streaming sites which avail the copyright content to users without permission of publisher and studios.

So it is must know about the multiple aspects involved in Torrenting like, Is Torrenting Safe? Is it legal? How to do safe torrenting? How we can reduce the risk involved in Torrenting? Is it possible to lose privacy during torrenting? How you can face legal issues using torrenting? Why VPN is needed while torrenting? Is Torrenting safe without VPN?

In this article, we are going to discuss all these questions related to Torrenting. How to do safe Torrenting and if anyhow you get caught, what will happen? Here we will let you know about the multiple methods that torrenters can use for safe torrenting and stay anonymous.

Is Torrenting safe or illegal? Why you must use VPN while using torrent sites?
Is Torrenting safe?

Is torrenting legal or illegal?

We can not say torrenting is completely illegal, if you are using a torrent site to download the stuff which is free to download and use. And there is no copyright on the content then it’s not violating the law and suitable for publishers as well. But if you are downloading the unsanctioned copyrighted than it’s illegal, you can be caught and will have to face serious legal issues. But the issues is how to find which content is legal to torrent and which is illegal?

If you found using the illegal torrenting by your Internet service provider or by Copyright holders than they are free to take action against you. First, you will get a warning letter after that can be the result of your internet connection slowing down and later it can become a major issue for you.

How to maintain privacy in torrenting using VPN?

One of the most concern about Torrenting is privacy, You need to hide your internet identity from Internet service providers, so they don’t track you while torrenting. So The Torrenetrs who are concerned about their privacy must use the Virtual private networks (VPNs) for safe torrenting. Using a reliable and secure VPN means, your internet activity will be hidden from their ISP. There is a wide range of VPNs available for a different purpose, There is a lot of VPNs specially used for Torrenting. So if you want to hide your routine online activities from ISP than use a VPN,

Privacy-conscious torrenters will use VPNs, or virtual private networks, to keep their internet activity hidden from their ISP. Also, remove the log of your activity, because keeping the record of your activities can be harmful, The legal organisation can ask the customer records.

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How to do safe torrenting:

As we already told you the VPN is the best way for downloading torrent safely. You must download the Secure VPN for safe torrenting. Here are the steps you have to follow:

  1. First of all Download and install a secure VPN, if possible avoid free VPN. You can use ExpressVPN or NordVPN as per your suitability.
  2. Enable your VPN’s kill switch, if it has one (ExpressVPN calls this a “network lock”)
  3. Connect to a VPN server, preferably in a P2P-friendly country
  4. Once the connection is established, open your torrent client and start downloading as usual

Consequences If get caught

Now the question is, what could be the result if found accused of downloading illegal or copyright content in torrenting. Will you get punished or will have to pay high penalties for torrenting? The legal proceedings for the Torrent users are different, The chances of getting settlements are very few, you will have to go to court or will have to pay high penalties. The Copyright holders are free for suing the Torrent user to downloading pirated content. The chances of getting a settlement out of court by paying the money are quite high.

ISP penalties

You can be liable to pay the ISP penalties to depend on your ISP. It can take direct action against you or on behalf of copyright trolls. It can give the threat to your internet provider or can give your personal details to the Copyright troll. After that ISP will receive the feedback from the Content owners for the amount of penalty.

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Wrap Up

However, a wide range of Torrenting sites already git banned but still, Torrenting is quite popular among users because there is a lot of proxy sites available to downloading the content online. Of course, the Content owners will be against the torrent users and always try their best to track the user torrenting the illegal content. So the users need to use a secure VPN for safe torrenting and to keep their personal information private.


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