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Best Postal And Zip Code Finder Websites In US And UK

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Online shopping is the norm of today and to deliver your parcel without any hassle, an online shopping website asks for your Zip code. Do you familiar with the term Postal code and Zip Code? Have you tired of searching your exact Postal code via Google? If yes then these Postal and Zip Code finder websites are going to help you.

Postal and Zip codes are the specific codes for specific areas and locations for making the mailing system more convenient. Postal and Zip codes help the mailing services and eCommerce sites to deliver your product at the right time but it is pretty complex to figure out the confusing zip code. Thank to Postal and Zip code finder sites that make your task easier and you just need to enter and location and these sites give you accurate results.

We are here with the best Postal and Zip code finder sites in the US and UK to acquire your Zip code within seconds. So just go through the post and reveal the sites.

Best Postal And Zip Code Finder Websites In US And UK
Find your Postal and Zip Codes

Best Postal and Zip code finder websites for US and UK


Our initial site in the list of best Zip code finder sites is USPS.COM which provides you accurate Zip code of your area or any other location you want in an easy manner. Even after the first use, you would get familiar with the site. To explore different zip codes you would get three options that are located on the home page. With the very first option, you can get your zip code by entering the address. Other options also available to search your postal code or zip code and you can use as per your convenience.

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Another best way to find the postal code of your location is which contains different postal code finder tools on its home page.  So next time when you would post a via Post office then this site will assist you to figure out your area’s postal code with more ease. You don’t need to pay a single penny for your searching as it is totally free to use.


Wikipedia is the one-stop destination to find out your Zipcode with more accuracy. Not only the US, UK but also here you can figure out each and every location Zip Code. Though Wikipedia doesn’t offer you your Zip Code straight, you can get it by browsing the list of different zip codes. First of all, sort out your country and then use CTRL + F4 to get the exact Zip Code of your location.

4)Royal Mail

It is pretty tough to remember confusing postal codes but why you need to do so when Royal Mail is here to help you. In fact, it is one of the best postal code finder sites among all and you just need to navigate the site and tap on “Find a Postcode” option. Then it will redirect you to a new page and here you need to insert the exact address of the location of which postal code you are looking for. Within seconds your postal code would visible to you.


If you are looking for a reliable source to determine your Zip code then you can trust on this site. Ease of use and reliability stands it out among the mob and to find out your zip code via you have two options. You can go for a manual option or with a GPS based search. On the home page of the site, you would notice the “Find my Zipcode” option, click on it. Via this one, you will get results based on GPS location and just below it, you can enter your location manually to find out your Zip code.

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So folks, next time when you need to convey your Zip code or Postal code to an online shopping portal or a Mailing service, just move to any of these sites to know your exact zip code. I hope you would try these sites whenever you need and if you liked our info then do share it with your family and friends.

My task is complete now and it’s your turn to navigate the Postal and Zip code finder site.

Thank you!

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