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Recent developments in online casino safety

Developments in online casino
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Gambling has become increasingly mainstream in recent years, though casinos aren’t responsible for this huge popularity. Well, not the old brick and mortar ones anyway. No, the grand new era in gambling is all thanks to the accessibility and diversity of choice online. 

Players of all experience levels have flocked to take their shot at bagging some winnings on the web, and to a good deal of success. But as the world of online casinos continues to proliferate, so too must the developments to keep bettors safe. 

To understand the recent developments in online casino safety, first we need to understand the risks of online gambling. These fall into two broad categories. Firstly, scams, which includes anything from rigged games to straight up theft of identity or capital. Secondly, ‘Problem Gambling’ which refers to the self-destructive issues harboured by vulnerable gamblers, such as overspending and addiction. 

So, how has the world responded to the boom, and ensured that punters and their hard-earned digits are treated fairly and with respect? 

(Bear in mind that online casino legislation is very geography-dependent, so make sure you’re in the right place to access safe online casinos in the US)


Although regulatory bodies and comparison sites have cleared the way for gamblers, dodgy online casinos are still rife and accessible. These online casinos never stand the test of time however, as their poorly designed and run sites ultimately disregard gamblers and create a backlash online.

Such backlash is indicative of how the game has changed so much with the internet: this is a vast community now, one that can keep its casinos in check. Before online casinos achieved their much-deserved popularity, one could so easily walk into a brightly lit building without knowing if the common experience there was to have a fair shot or be taken for a ride. 

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Licencing Body 

There is, of course, a downside to the scale and power of the internet: it can easily become a wild west when it comes to hackers and fraudsters. Losing one’s personal details is certainly a higher risk factor in this new era of online casinos… and online everything else. That’s why it’s vital to look for a licencing seal from a regulatory body such as AGA, because they will only certify online casinos that have security measures (for example SSL encryption) to keep bettors safe. 

The regulator’s developments extend far beyond online security though, this is the era in which casino integrity is being held to account and, indeed, cultivated. If the online casino has a licencing seal from a reputable source, then its games will have been tested to make sure their coding isn’t rigged to cheat. 

Comparison Sites

Like many industries that involve financial risk and dubious dealers – any kind of insurance for example – accompanying industries have sprung up to fill the niche of calling out the bullshit. There’s plenty on offer in this regard, just make sure the sites are unbiased and have ranked the online casino options with safety held in highest esteem, as it should be.

Online Casinos regulating themselves

When it comes to Problem Gambling, safe online casinos have made a few developments themselves. Just as you can set limits in Vegas, so too can you set your own online. 

In fact, Problem Gambling prevention has taken all kinds of forms from self-exclusion schemes to blocking transactions to free support. These are mechanisms to stop players going too far and getting into hot water. It’s reassuring to know that the right online casinos come with plenty of safety nets.

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If nothing else, this helps them stay ahead of the competition since taking care of their customers keeps them coming back. The online casinos that regulate themselves are often the ones offering free games/bonuses to help new players find their feet. 


Although there are so many impressive developments in online casino safety, nothing beats a bit of old-fashioned self-reliance. Much like investing or buying crypto, there are risks involved when gambling online. As such, it is important to thoroughly research the safety of online casinos before depositing.  

This new era of online casinos is great to be a part of, but only when safety is taken seriously by the casinos and yourself.

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